2nd Edition

Safety of Irradiated Foods

By J.F. Diehl Copyright 1995

    This work examines the exaggerations, misunderstandings and muddled terminology that often characterize the controversies regarding the safety of food irradiation. It sets out to untangle the conflicting claims asserted by the proponents and opponents of this modern method of food processing. Information is drawn from international scientific and political bodies. This edition: presents results from recent studies on the wholesomeness of irradiated foods; considers practical aspects of food irradiation, regulation, control and consumer acceptance; discusses developments in the identification of irradiated foods; and more.

    How it all began; radiation sources and process control; chemical effects of ionizing radiation; biological effects of ionizing radiation; indemnification of irradiated foods; radiological and toxicological safety of irradiated foods; microbiological safety of irradiated foods; nutritional adequacy of irradiated foods; evaluation of the wholesomeness of irradiated foods by expert groups and international agencies; potential and current applications of food irradiation; government regulation of irradiated foods; consumer attitudes; outlook. Appendices: codex general standard for irradiated foods (worldwide standard); recommended international code of practice for the operation of irradiation facilities used for the treatment of foods; list of codes of good irradiation practice and other documents issued by the international consultative group on food irradiation (ICGFI); glossary of terms and abbreviations.


    J.F. Diehl

    "Praise for the First Edition. . . . . .a factual, multidisciplinary, balanced analysis of this controversial topic. . .undoubtedly the most comprehensive and authoritative reference work on food irradiation now available. "
    ---Trends in Food Science & Technology
    ". . .thorough, readable, and informative. . .gives a most valuable perceptive gained from nearly a quarter century of intense involvement. . . . . .highly recommend[ed]. "
    ". . .a useful reference for both scientists and non-scientists who wish to have a balanced view of what is a controversial topic. . . . . .The value of the information presented is enhanced by the inclusion of well-presented tables and figures. . .these are self-explanatory and clearly referenced. "
    ---International Journal of Food Science and Technology
    ". . .an excellent discussion of the potential applications and the limits for the process. "
    ---Journal of Food Quality