Sustainability: Contributions through Science and Technology

Series Editor:

Sustainability is rapidly moving from the wings to center stage. Overconsumption of nonrenewable and renewable resources, as well as the concomitant production of waste has brought the world to a crossroads. Green chemistry, along with other green sciences technologies, must play a leading role in bringing about a sustainable society. The Sustainability: Contributions through Science and Technology series focuses on the role science can play in developing technologies that lessen our environmental impact. This highly interdisciplinary series discusses significant and timely topics ranging from energy research to the implementation of sustainable technologies. Our intention is for scientists from a variety of disciplines to provide contributions that recognize how the development of green technologies affects the triple bottom line (society, economic, and environment). The series will be of interest to academics, researchers, professionals, business leaders, policy makers, and students, as well as individuals who want to know the basics of the science and technology of sustainability.