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Systems Innovation refers to all aspects of developing and deploying new technology, methodology, techniques, and best practices in advancing industrial production and economic development. This entails such topics as product design and development, entrepreneurship, global trade, environmental consciousness, operations and logistics, introduction and management of technology, collaborative system design, and product commercialization. Industrial innovation suggests breaking away from the traditional approaches to industrial production. It encourages the marriage of systems science, management principles, and technology implementation. Particular focus will be the impact of modern technology on industrial development and industrialization approaches, particularly for developing economics. The series will also cover how emerging technologies and entrepreneurship are essential for economic development and society advancement.

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Technomics The Theory of Industrial Evolution

Technomics: The Theory of Industrial Evolution

1st Edition

H. Lee Martin
September 18, 2006

Have you ever wondered about the forces behind globalization, mass customization, just in time delivery, virtual companies, and perfect information? Providing a platform to understand and navigate our rapidly advancing world, Techonomics: The Theory of Industrial Evolution explains the relationship...

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