1st Edition

The Customering Method From CX Dogma to Customer Science

By Aarron Spinley Copyright 2025
    302 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    302 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Despite the promise of enhanced customer engagement through new technology, consumer trust has suffered widespread collapse, and annual corporate losses are in the trillions. This book exposes the faulty foundation of the populist Customer Experience (CX) movement, upturns long-held beliefs in its effectiveness, and details an alternative – industrial – approach to the customer asset base.

    Aarron Spinley is recognized as a foremost mind in the realm of customer science and strategy. His work helps us to understand – and extract – customer value based on evidence, and in so doing, influences our relationship with technology for better results.  The Customering Method marries the sciences and managerial precedent with contemporary capability: optimizing the intersection with marketing, mitigating risk and attrition rates, increasing sales propensity, and restoring profitability. Throughout, Spinley provides practical examples that are relatable, actionable and defensible.

    These concepts have already influenced senior leaders, CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and Directors of Customer Experience across many organizations. Now in published form, this is perhaps the most important book in the field for decades. 

    Introduction  Chapter 1 – Professions and Industrial Management The Rise and Value of Professions, The Modern Day, Industrial Management Process, Customer Management is Not Marketing, Introducing the Customer Management Process Model, Notes  Chapter 2 – The Marketing Method Diagnostics, Strategy, Tactics, Notes  Chapter 3 – The Customering Method, The Terrain, Growth and Loyalty, Defining The Economic Mission, The Big Proviso: Where to Limit Customer Management Investment, Budgeting, Notes  Chapter 4 – PILLAR 1: Identity From Omni-channel to Channel-less, The Identity Lens, Capture Status, Stitching, Cyber and Privacy, Systems, Notes  Chapter 5 – PILLAR 2: Intent Jobs To Be Done, The Dimensions of Intent, Behavioral and Unstructured, Conversational, Self-Reports, Summarizing the Capture of Intent, Notes  Chapter 6 – PILLAR 3: Interactions Applying The Customer Engagement Stack, The Services Layer, The Experience Layer, Asset Design, Ecosystems and Channel Platforms, Orchestration, Applying The First Three Pillars, Notes  Chapter 7 - PILLAR 4: Measurement and Reporting Understanding “Return”, Option to Skip, Measurement Methods, Summarizing Measurement, Company and Shareholder Reporting, Notes  Chapter 8 – Managing the Collision, The Unintended Consequence of the Marketing Funnel, The Limits of Personalization, Customer-Governed Application of Marketing Communications, Comparing Models, Notes  Chapter 9 – Correcting the Record Never Segment Customers, CX Is Not a Brand Differentiator, Accept that NPS Doesn’t Work, Break The Survey Fever, Reject Agenda-Based Research, Forget About “EX”, Notes  Epilogue – Closing the Loop Notes


    Aarron Spinley is recognized as a foremost mind in the realm of customer science, and for his work in ‘platformed innovation’ theory. In both fields he is noted for his signature approach: measuring the intersection of established management method, complex economics, and scientific precedent to confirm and systemize, or disrupt, for effect. As a writer or commentator Aarron has featured in leading publications including Forbes, ZDNet, MyCustomer, CMO, Mumbrella and Mi3 Media, and has appeared on 5 continents as a sought-after keynote speaker. 

    "No dry, repetitive or reductive content here. Aarron's thinking is always topical, useful, and thought provoking…" JENNIFER ARNOLD, VP OF MARKETING & COMMUNITY

     “…Aarron (is) guaranteed to force considered thinking but what I really appreciate is that he never fails to provide examples of practical application that are relatable and actionable. He is both a CX domain expert and compelling speaker.” MARC ARONSTEN, SVP, TRYZENS

    "Aarron is the most complete customer strategist and adviser I have ever seen. His knowledge of both marketing and customering (his word), allied to the digital era, makes him an authority in every room he enters”. HENRY REVERON-HERNANDEZ, CEO, ENTERPRISE MARTECH

    “Aarron Spinley provides the kind of thought leadership that has some real meaning. He's a paradigm for executives”.


    “He is dead on when it comes to the ideas. But there is an added bonus. He's a great conversational writer. Damn”. PAUL GREENBERG, CRM INDUSTRY ANALYST (AKA ‘THE GODFATHER OF CRM’) Author of ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’ (4 editions) and ‘The Commonwealth of Self-Interest’

    "Aarron's speaking is super inspiring. He touches the audience". MARCELO ALCANTARA, CX PRACTICE LEADER, DELOITTE DIGITAL

    "Aarron has the uncanny ability to succinctly explain complex topics in simple words, giving food for thought, in an often-entertaining way!" THOMAS WIEBERNEIT INDUSTRY ANALYST, (Washington)

    “The learned and esteemed Aarron Spinley is one of the most contemplative - and therefore often controversial - thought leaders… His work is essential if you are serious about moving beyond memes and shiny new things". ALAN NANCE XLA COLLAB (Florida)

    “Truly original content. Provocative stuff. Phenomenal stage presence”. SCOTT TRELLER EXECUTIVE GENERAL MANAGER, SAP CX

    “Must be among the leading thinkers connecting humanity and business”. DEAN JENKINS

    CORPORARTE STARTEGIST AND ENTREPENEUR "Aarron is one of the most innovative thinkers in the realm of customer experience, strategy and anthropology I can think of. His work helps us understand the human condition to influence our technology choices for the better". JUAN MENDOZA CEO, THE MARTECH WEEKLY