2nd Edition

Thermal Food Processing New Technologies and Quality Issues, Second Edition

Edited By Da-Wen Sun Copyright 2012
    686 Pages 185 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    688 Pages 185 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Thermal processing remains one of the most important processes in the food industry. Now in its second edition, Thermal Food Processing: New Technologies and Quality Issues continues to explore the latest developments in the field. Assembling the work of a worldwide panel of experts, this volume highlights topics vital to the food industry today and pinpoints the trends in future research and development.

    Topics discussed include:

    • Thermal properties of foods, including heat capacity, conductivity, diffusivity, and density
    • Heat and mass transfer and related engineering principles, mechanisms, and models
    • The development and application of deterministic heat transfer models for predicting internal product temperatures
    • Modeling thermal processing using artificial neural networks (ANN) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
    • Thermal processing of meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products; canned foods; ready meals; and vegetables
    • The effect of ultrahigh temperature (UHT) treatment processing on milk, including the impact on nutrient composition, safety, and organoleptic aspects
    • Ohmic, radio frequency (RF) dialectric, infrared, and pressure-assisted heating
    • pH-assisted thermal processing

    In addition to updating all content, this second edition includes five new chapters: Thermal Effects in Food Microbiology, Modeling Thermal Microbial Inactivation Kinetics, Thermal Processing of Food and Fruit Juices, Aseptic Processing and Packaging, and Microwave Heating. The final chapter of the book examines systems used in the evaluation of thermal processes and the development of time temperature integrators (TTIs) to ensure the safety of thermally processed food. An up-to-date survey of essential techniques and the science behind them, this volume is a critical reference for food industry professionals.

    Modeling of Thermal Food Processes
    Thermal Physical Properties of Foods; Adriana E. Delgado, Da-Wen Sun, and Amelia C. Rubiolo
    Heat and Mass Transfer in Thermal Food Processing; Lijun Wang and Da-Wen Sun
    Thermal Effects in Food Microbiology; Mogessie Ashenafi
    Simulating Thermal Food Processes Using Deterministic Models; Arthur A. Teixeira
    Modeling Food Thermal Processes Using Artificial Neural Networks; Cuiren Chen and Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy
    Modeling Thermal Processing Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Xiao Dong Chen and Da-Wen Sun
    Modeling Thermal Microbial Inactivation Kinetics; Ursula Andrea Gonzales Barron
    Quality and Safety of Thermally Processed Foods
    Thermal Processing of Meat and Meat Products; Brijesh K. Tiwari and Colm O’Donnell
    Thermal Processing of Poultry Products; Paul L. Dawson, Sunil Mangalassary, and Brian W. Sheldon
    Thermal Processing of Fishery Products; María Isabel Medina Méndez and José Manuel Gallardo Abuín
    Thermal Processing of Dairy Products; Alan L. Kelly, Nivedita Datta, and Hilton C. Deeth
    Ultrahigh Temperature Thermal Processing of Milk; Pamela Manzi and Laura Pizzoferrato
    Thermal Processing of Canned Foods; Z. Jun Weng
    Thermal Processing of Ready Meals; Gary Tucker
    Thermal Processing of Vegetables; Jasim Ahmed and U.S. Shivhare
    Thermal Processing of Fruits and Fruit Juices; Catherine M.G.C. Renard and Jean-François Maingonnat
    Innovations in Thermal Food Processes
    Aseptic Processing and Packaging; Min Liu and John D. Floros
    Ohmic Heating for Food Processing; António Augusto Vicente, Inês de Castro, José António Teixeira,
    and Ricardo Nuno Pereira
    Radio Frequency Dielectric Heating; Yanyun Zhao and Qingyue Ling
    Infrared Heating; Noboru Sakai and Weijie Mao
    Microwave Heating; Servet Gulum Sumnu and Serpil Sahin
    Combination Treatment of Pressure and Mild Heating; Takashi Okazaki and Yujin Shigeta
    pH-Assisted Thermal Processing; Alfredo Palop and Antonio Martínez Lopez
    Time–Temperature Integrators for Thermal Process Evaluation; Antonio Martínez Lopez, Dolores Rodrigo, Pablo S. Fernández, M. Consuelo Pina-Pérez, and Fernando Sampedro


    Professor Da-Wen Sun is a world authority in food engineering research and education. He is a Member of Royal Irish Academy—the highest academic honor in Ireland, and is also a member of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe). His main research activities include cooling, drying, and refrigeration processes and systems; quality and safety of food products; bioprocess simulation and optimization; and computer vision technology. His many scholarly works have become standard reference materials for researchers in the areas of computer vision, computational fluid dynamics modelling, vacuum cooling, and other areas.

    ". . . it gives an excellent coverage of topics, which fall under the food engineering umbrella and, in this sense, is a good book."

    – Mike Lewis, in International Journal of Diary Technology, February 2008, Vol. 61, No. 1