1st Edition

Thermal Properties of Food and Agricultural Materials

By Mohsenin Copyright 1980

    This book discusses the methods for determination of data on thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, unit surface conductance or the heat transfer coefficient of foods and agricultural materials. It includes the applications of thermal properties in relation to cooling and thermal expansion.

    1. Some Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer
    1.1 Forms of Heat Transfer
    1.2 Related Physical Properties
    Dimensional Characteristics
    Fluid Viscosity
    Unit Surface Conductance
    Latent Heat
    Specific Heat
    Thermal Conductivity
    Thermal Diffusivity
    Thermal Emissivity
    Mass Diffusivity or Diffusion Coefficient
    Mass Transfer Coefficient
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
    Dimensionless Parameters
    1.3 Newtonian Law of Heating and Cooling
    Cooling Rate
    Half-Cooling Time
    1.4 Fourier’s Law of Heating and Cooling
    1.5 Criterion for Choice of Method of Solution of Heat
    Transfer Problems
    1.6 Mass-Average Temperature
    1.7 Heat of Adsorption and Heat of Wetting
    2 Specific Heat
    2.1 Energy Equation
    2.2 Measurement of Specific Heat
    Siebel’s Equations
    Method of Mixtures
    Correction for Thermal Leakage
    Method of Guarded-Plate
    Method of Comparison Calorimeter
    Method of Calculated Specific Heat
    Adiabatic Agricultural Calorimeter
    Method of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
    2.3 Specific Heat of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    Grains and Seeds
    Forage Produce
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts
    Wood and Tree Bark
    2.4 Specific Heat of Processed Food Materials
    Baked Products
    Frozen Foods
    Dehydrated Foods
    Oils and butter
    Fluid Foods
    2.5 Latent Heat of Fusion
    3 Determination of Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity, and Unit Surface Conductance
    3.1 Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity
    Effect of Temperature
    Effect of Moisture
    3.2 Measurement of Thermal Conductivity
    Steady-State Longitudinal Heat Flow Method
    Steady-State radial Heat Flow Methods
    Steady-State Heat of Vaporization Method
    Unsteady-State Methods
    Thermal Conductivity Probe Method
    3.3 Measurement of Thermal Diffusivity
    Use of Thermal Conductivity Probe
    Cylindrical object and Time-Temperature Data
    Use of Charts and Graphical Solution
    3.4 Evaluation of Unit Surface Conductance
    Interference Method
    Empirical Equations Method
    Geometric Analysis Method
    Similitude Method
    4 Thermal Conductivity, Diffusivity, and Unit Surface Conductance of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    4.1 Seeds and Grains
    4.2 Forage Materials
    4.3 Fruits, Vegetables, and Nuts
    4.4 Sugarbeet
    4.5 Tobacco
    4.6 Woods
    4.7 Soils
    4.8 Red Meat, Poultry, and Fish Products
    4.9 Beef Manure
    4.10 Dairy Products
    4.11 Soybean Meal
    5. Applications of Thermal Properties in Cooling and Freezing of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    5.1 Single Particle and Multiparticle Heat Transfer
    5.2 Cooling of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    Half-Cooling Time
    Applications of Newton’s Cooling Law
    Application of Fourier’s Law
    5.3 Freezing and Thawing
    6 Applications of Thermal Properties to Heating and Heat Treatment of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    6.1 Drying
    Heated Air Drying
    6.2 Heat Treatment of Foods and Agricultural Materials
    6.3 Heat of Respiration
    6.4 Thermal Expansion and Structural Strength
    Thermal Expansion
    List of Symbols
    List of Tables
    List of figures
    SI System of Units
    Cited References
    Subject Index
    Name Index


    Nuri N. Mohsein is known for his first book, Physical Properties of Plant and Animal Materials, published in 1970. He is a former professor of agricultural engineering at the Pennsylvania State University.