Technology can be a powerful resource in the classroom, but it can also create a barrier to entry for some students. We've pulled together some of our leading texts that tackle technological literacy in a global context, innovative teaching methods for disadvantaged learners, and how to build an inclusive digital learning environment.


Featured Textbooks:

ICT and International Learning Ecologies edited by Ian A. Lubin

"This is an important contribution to the discussions on technology and learning ecologies and how we ensure a more just world where Indigenous peoples are not further exploited and marginalised." - Bronwyn Carlson, Professor and Head of the Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University, Australia

  • This edited collection conceptually and methodologically reframes the complexities of teaching and learning in historically marginalized communities around the world, where inequities are often exacerbated by one-size-fits-all programs.

Critical Mobile Pedagogy edited by John Traxler and Helen Crompton

"Helen Crompton and John Traxler are to be congratulated for bringing together such an unusual and interesting collection of essays around the use of mobile digital technologies for learning in some of the world’s most marginalised and fragile contexts. This is not the normal eulogistic account of ‘mobile learning,’ but rather a volume of thoughtful contributions from diverse parts of the world that seek to challenge and fragment existing understandings." - Tim Unwin, UNESCO Chair in ICT4D and Emeritus Professor of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

  • Synthesizing a diverse range of projects and conceptual frameworks, this case-based collection addresses the ambitions, assumptions, and impacts of interventions in under-researched, often disadvantaged communities.

Transformative Teaching Around the World edited by Meina Zhu and Curtis J. Bonk

This book compiles inspiring stories from Fulbright-awarded teachers whose instructional practices have impacted schools and communities globally. Whether thriving or struggling in their classrooms, instructing in person or online, or pushing for changes at high or low costs and risk levels, teachers devote intense energy and careful decision-making to their students and fellow staff.

  • Showcases an expansive variety of educational practices fostered across international contexts by real teachers: active and empowering learning strategies, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, cultural responsiveness and sustainability, humanistic integration of technology, and more.

Featured Content:

Technological Inequalities in Education Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler features excerpts from five books exploring technological inequalities in education.