Research Skills

Every student, whatever your subject, will need to develop excellent research skills. This covers the collection, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of data. Conducting research properly can be time consuming. This section aims to make the process a little easier for you.

Ethics in Research Methods

This collection offers undergraduate students a guide to ethics and wider ethical considerations when conducting their own research. It highlights chapters that will signpost students to observe good ethics in their research methods.


Research Methods for Postgraduate Students

This FreeBook guides postgraduate students through key topics in research methods, helping to expand your knowledge and considering new challenges you may face as you develop your research projects.


Tackling your first research project

Your first research project can be daunting. For many students it is very different to anything they will have encountered before. More often than not you will have some, if not complete freedom over your choice of research topic and this is where you can focus your nerves by remembering that a research project can be fun and interesting.

Referencing: your guide to getting it right

You've probably heard about how important it is to get your references and citations correct. How important they are to avoid plagiarism and to make sure that your lecturers can see how well you have researched your work. It will also help anyone reading your work to find related books and articles. This infographic will help you to make sure that you are getting your referencing right.

9 tips for writing a successful research paper

Writing a research paper is hard work, especially when you're approaching it for the first time. This infographic provides you with nine tips that will help you write the best paper you can.


Approaching Research for the First Time

This short collection offers students guidance on how to plan and write up their first research project, offering guidance and insight for what can be a challenging piece of work.