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General Tips and Advice

Time management, dealing with procrastination, getting the most from your library... just a few of the questions we'll deal with here.

a person sits at a desk against a blue background with a speech bubble with only lines inside sits above their head5 Tips for Improving your Digital Etiquette

With so many courses going online, it is important for students, new and existing, to be aware of basic digital etiquette or ‘netiquette’ in order to meet the expectations of a virtual classroom. This quick netiquette guide for online courses will help you make the most of your learning and improve your virtual interactions.

a student's hands hold a bookWhy you should read your textbooks?

It can be easy to ignore your course reading, to 'forget' to do it and to trust that all you need to know will be discussed in class. But there are many good reasons to take the time to do the assigned reading. Click on the crosses below to find out more.

Thriving at University as a Dyslexic StudentThriving at University as a Dyslexic Student

This Freebook brings together chapters from across our range of books, helping you to fully understand dyslexia, and provides you with guidance for how to thrive at university as a dyslexic student.


a hand holds a book openEngaging with your reading list

When you approach reading it is wise to think about why you are doing it. Are you studying a topic for the first time, preparing for a seminar or lecture? Or are you reading for an essay or research paper? Are you simply reading to learn more?

hands hold a tabletEssential tips for your first presentation

You’ll likely have to give at least one presentation over the course of your university career, and it's something that can make even the most confident person nervous.This article will help you improve your presentation skills so that you can be ready for the next one that comes up.

close up of a notebook showing part of a to do list15 ways to improve your time management skills

It has been proven that better time management skills make you more productive, less stressed and better able to achieve your goals and objectives. Sound good? Here are 15 ways to become better at managing your time.

Study Skills Interactive Infographica hand holds a life preserver to another reaching hand

Want to improve your study skills? Our interactive infographic provides hints and tips to help you. Simply click one of the images to get started.


an american style stop sign

Conquering Procrastination

Procrastination is often misunderstood as laziness, which it isn’t. Often procrastination comes from a place of anxiety, an underlying belief that we won’t be able to do a task successfully or as well as we would like; that we will let people down or not be ‘good enough’. We put off doing something until we can’t avoid it any more.

green outline of a person holding a bookDo's and Don'ts of Attending Office Hours

There are academic and professional benefits to attending your professors’ office hours. If you are looking for effective strategies to succeed, connecting with your professors (who are invested in your academic career!) is a great place to start.

apartment building from the tv series FriendsMeet up with F.R.I.E.N.D.S during office hours

Do you have a plan for office hours?

You may not even have a "pla". That's where we come in...

white drawing of a clock on a grey background8 Strategies to Help Students Relax During Midterms

College will be fun, they said. You will learn so much, they said. What they forgot to mention was about halfway through the semester the number of assignments, readings, projects and cups of coffee increases while the sparkly, magical feeling from the first week of school decreases. Your pens, your planner, and your brain are tired. It’s time to take a break.

Study Skills Infographic Posterwoman sits at a desk covered in papers and books

Our printable infographic poster offers helpful tips to develop your study skills. Click on the image to download your printable poster.