General Tips & Advice

These resources offer students the tips and advice they need to succeed in class, in exams and their coursework. Covering time management, dealing with procrastination, getting the most from the library... just a few of the questions we'll deal with here.

How to Choose the Right Way to Study for You

There are a plethora of apps, games, and study tips for students ranging from well meaning advice from other students to flashy games from tech companies. How can you tell what is and is not worth your time? There are no hard and fast rules, but I do have some advice for students who want to take control of their learning and use the right study tools for them.

Thriving at University with ADHD

Studying at a university of college can be particularly challenging for students with ADHD. This short video interview with the authors of Thriving at College with ADHD offers you tips and advice to help you achieve your best during your studies.

First Steps to Getting Published in Academia

This free on-demand webinar features four Taylor & Francis editors, Laura Hussey, Elliot Mills, James Watson, and Samuel Ward.

How to Stay Motivated at University

In this blog, we’ll discuss several strategies to ensure you can maintain motivation to complete your study. We’ll discuss ways you can take care you are not working too many hours or putting yourself under more stress than is necessary. 

5 Tips for Starting University

Starting college as a freshman can sometimes feel overwhelming. In this blog, we’ve compiled our top five tips to smoothen the transition and help you set yourself up for success.  

Webinar: Is a career in academia right for me?

Are you thinking about a career in academia? This webinar, with author's Elizabeth L. Campbell and Vicki L. Baker, discusses everything you should think about to help you make a decision.  

Successful Online Learning Freebook

This collection brings together chapters from a selection of our titles on Online Learning,helping you to make the most from your online classes and distance learning. 

What is Plagiarism?

No doubt, you’ve been hearing about plagiarism from day one of your course. And you know that it’s bad. Doing it will get you in a lot of trouble if you get found out. And with all the tools available to your lecturers, you will get found out. But what is it? Is it just pretending that someone else’s work is your own, or copying chunks of your friend’s essay?

How Reading Will Help Your Writing and Add Pleasure to Your Life

In this blog, Roslyn Petelin, author of How Writing Works, explains how reading can help you devleop stronger writing skills.

Discover Taylor & Francis eTextbooks

Reading and learning is now easier than ever before. Whether you’re a visual, auditory, reading/writing or kinesthetic learner, Taylor & Francis eTextbooks (aka digital textbooks) have something for you! Through a dynamic learning experience, our interactive features can help keep you engaged to understand and retain the content better, which ultimately leads you to greater success.

Essential tips for your first presentation

You will likely have to give at least one presentation over the course of your university career, and it's something that can make even the most confident person nervous.This article will help you improve your presentation skills so that you can be ready for the next one that comes up.

15 ways to improve your time management skills

It has been proven that better time management skills make you more productive, less stressed and better able to achieve your goals and objectives. Sound good? Here are 15 ways to become better at managing your time.

Conquering Procrastination

Procrastination is often misunderstood as laziness, which it isn’t. Often procrastination comes from a place of anxiety, an underlying belief that we won’t be able to do a task successfully or as well as we would like; that we will let people down or not be ‘good enough’. We put off doing something until we can’t avoid it any more.

8 strategies to help students relax during midterms

College will be fun, they said. You will learn so much, they said. What they forgot to mention was about halfway through the semester the number of assignments, readings, projects and cups of coffee increases while the sparkly, magical feeling from the first week of school decreases. Your pens, your planner, and your brain are tired. It’s time to take a break.