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Learning to look after yourself is as essential as any other skill. Juggling your studies alongside a part-time job and still finding time to relax can be hard. The content on this page will help you find the way to wellbeing.

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide for Students

This chapter sampler offers you a guide to the theory and skills of Mindfulness, teaching you tools and techniques that will help you cope with the stresses of life at university.

Four Attitudes to Help Us Cope in Times of Uncertainty

Gary Wood, author of The Psychology of Wellbeing, offers advice on coping through difficult circumstances.

Exercises, Tips and Strategies for Self-Improvement

This FreeBook is designed to help you stick to your plans and ahieve your goals, whatever they may be. With concrete tips and practical advice to make positive changes all year round, this book includes skill-building exercises and insights that offer you the tools you need to address areas in which we could all benefit from a little help.

How to survive your first week at university and beyond

Heading off to university for the first time is one of the most exciting things you will do. For most students it will be the biggest step you have yet taken in life, the first time you have lived away from home, the first time you have been out in the world making all your own decisions. It’s a daunting time but one that, can be just as great as everyone says.

11 ways to deal with stress

Feeling stressed occasionally is normal. Sometimes life just gets on top of us and we find it difficult to cope. In small amounts stress can be good for us. A little stress can boost our memory and enable us to work more efficiently. It is a vital warning to us that we need to slow down, that life is getting too busy and that we need to relax.

8 strategies to help students relax during midterms

No matter what else you have going on, you need to rest. What does it even mean to “take a break” as a college student in 2021? We asked ourselves this very question and wanted to offer some practical advice.

Coping with exam stress

Exam season is, for many students, the most stressful time of the academic year. Increasing numbers of students are seeking help for study related mental health issues. Despite what many people believe, being a student isn’t all about drinking and partying. It is a time of high workloads and pressure coming from your course deadlines and the pressure you inevitably put on yourself.

Essential Skills for Wellness

In this FreeBook, you'll get the necessary skills to make decisions,relax,tame your stress,conquer your shyness and more! Feel free to skip around and focus on the topics that are most important to you. And remember that if you're in search of more in-depth coverage of any of these topics, all of the titles featured in Essential Skills for Wellness: Bolstering Your Daily Mental Health are available in full from our website.

Healthy Eating Tips for Students

Healthy Eating Tips for Students is a guide to making simple choices to improve eating habits. In addition to our list of tips, we have included 5 easy recipes with options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets. This resource will be a handy tool to keep students healthy all semester long.