1st Edition

Advances in Cereals Processing Technologies

    242 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The present book presents its reader with comprehensive knowledge related to cereals processing. It is imperative to have sound knowledge of food laws and regulations with an Indian perspective as these play a pivotal role in commercializing food products as well as fresh produce, which are aptly covered in this book. It includes recent trends in technology of cereals based products, technological updates in legumes and pulses based convenience/processed foods, various aspects of evolution of bakery and confectionery technology and technological evaluation of milling. Since age's process of fermentation was employed for preserving the cereals based food by using general and specified micro flora and micro fauna, the science and technology involved is well explained in the chapter titled 'Fermented Food Based on Cereal and Pulses.' The most important quality attributes related to cereals processing are rheological and thermal changes which occur when extrinsic factors such as moisture and temperature are ebbed and flowed. This subject was sensibly covered under 'Rheological and Thermal Changes Occurring During Processing.' Sugarcane and the sugar industry have the largest contribution to the industrial development. Various unit operations and technology involved are explained as recent updates in sugar, honey, jaggery and salt processing. Shelf life stability of the products with respect to various chemical parameters attributed to the oxidative changes in processed foods is also aptly covered.
    Note: T&F does not sell or distribute the hardback in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This title is co-published with NIPA.

    1. Food Laws and Regulatory Authorities: An Indian Perspective 
    Lovepreet Kaur, Ajay Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Kamalpreet Singh and Damanjeet Kaur 
    2. Evolution of Bakery and Confectionary Technology   
    Anurag Singh 
    3. Recent Advancements in Sugar, Honey, Salt and Jaggery Processing 
    Pranya Prashant, Prasad Rasane, Arvind Kumar, Jyoti Singh and Sawinder Kaur 
    4. Rheological and Thermal Changes Occurring During Processing   
    Renuka Singh, Mamta Bhardwaj and D.C. Saxena 
    5. Technological Advancements in Processing of Legumes and Pulses 
    Deep N.Yadav, Surya Tushir, P.N. Guru, D.K. Yadav and R.K. Vishwakarma 
    6. Recent Trends in Technologies of Cereal Based Food Products 
    Ritu Sindhu and B. S. Khatkar 
    7. Technological Evaluation of Milling Operations   
    Arvind, Shikha Pandhi and Veena Paul 
    8. Fermented Food Based on Cereal and Pulses 
    Rachna Gupta and Murlidhar Meghwal 
    9. Oxidative Changes in Processed Foods 
    Dev Kumar Yadav, Chaitra G.H., Gopal Kumar Sharma and A.D. Semwal 


    Gopal Kumar Sharma, DRDO-DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory), Ministry of Defence, Government of India

    Anil Dutt Semwal, DRDO-DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory), Ministry of Defence, Government of India

    Dev Kumar Yadav, DRDO-DFRL (Defence Food Research Laboratory), Ministry of Defence, Government of India