1st Edition

Enzymes in Food and Beverage Processing

Edited By Muthusamy Chandrasekaran Copyright 2016
    556 Pages
    by CRC Press

    556 Pages 104 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Biotechnology, particularly eco-friendly enzyme technologies, has immense potential for the augmentation of diverse food products utilizing vast biodiversity, resolving environmental problems owing to waste disposal from food and beverage industries. In addition to introducing the basic concepts and fundamental principles of enzymes, Enzymes in Food and Beverage Processing covers development of novel enzymes with desired properties and functions for use in food industries and use of enzymes as analytical tools for monitoring in food and beverage processing. It also details the application of enzymes in different food and beverage industries, recent advances in enzymology, functional foods, probiotics, and food additives.

    The book examines the scope, emerging enzyme technologies, and applications of enzymes in processing of various foods and beverages and in developing novel food products. It covers emerging enzyme technologies and enzyme engineering techniques for improved and enhanced performance of enzymes in food and beverage processing. The book discusses the scope for deriving new range of food products such as functional foods, nutraceuticals, and probiotics using enzymes as well as the scope for application of enzyme inhibitors and enzyme mediated biotransformation’s for improved enzyme processing of food and beverages.

    In the context of growing environmental problems and need for sustainable use of available natural resources, there is an increased need to implement valorization strategy in food and beverage processing industries which generates voluminous byproducts and wastes. Hence, the book also examines the use of enzymes in valorization of food processing wastes, besides the research gaps and future trends in the field that promote applications of enzymes. It examines the use of enzymes in food and beverage processing from the various food industries point of view and enables a deep understanding of the latest developments in modern food technologies and biotechnologies that you can use to meet ever-increasing consumer demands.

    Enzymes: Concepts, Nomenclature, Mechanism of Action and Kinetics, Characteristics and Sources of Food-Grade Enzymes

    S. Raghul Subin and Sarita G. Bhat
    Enzyme Technologies: Current and Emerging Technologies for Development of Novel Enzyme Catalysts
    Rajeev K. Sukumaran, Vani Sankar, Aravind Madhavan, Meena Sankar, Vaisakhi Satheesh, Ayman Salih Omar Idris, and Ummalyama Sabeela Beevi
    Enzymes as Analytical Tools for the Assessment of Food Quality, Food Safety, and Monitoring of Food Processing
    Muthusamy Chandrasekaran and Ali H. A. Bahkali
    Enzyme Engineering and Protein Modifications
    Marco Filice, Caio C. Aragon, and Jose M. Palomo
    Enzymes in Food and Beverage Production: An Overview
    Muthusamy Chandrasekaran, Soorej M. Basheer, Sreeja Chellappan, Jissa G. Krishna, and P. S. Beena
    Enzymes in Starch Processing
    Xiao Hua and Ruijin Yang
    Enzymes in Bakeries
    Cristina M. Rosell and Angela Dura
    Enzymes in Confectioneries
    Muthusamy Chandrasekaran and P. S. Beena
    Enzymes in Oil- and Lipid-Based Industries
    Wenbin Zhang, Pengfei Li, and Ruijin Yang
    Enzymes in Fruit Juice and Vegetable Processing
    Luciana Francisco Fleuri, Clarissa Hamaio Okino Delgado, Paula Kern Novelli, Mayara Rodrigues Pivetta, Débora Zanoni do Prado, and Juliana Wagner Simon
    Enzymes in Beverage Processing
    Gustavo Molina, Fabiano Jares Contesini, Hélia Harumi Sato, and Gláucia Maria Pastore
    Enzymes in Flavors and Food Additives
    Renu Nandakumar and Mamoru Wakayama
    Enzymes in Milk, Cheese, and Associated Dairy Products
    Utpal Roy, Ravinder Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Monica Puniya, and Anil K. Puniya
    Enzymes in Meat Processing
    Cinthia Baú Betim Cazarin, Gláucia Carielo Lima, Juliana Kelly da Silva, and Mário Roberto Maróstica Jr
    Enzymes in Seafood Processing
    P. V. Suresh, T. Nidheesh, and Gaurav Kumar Pal
    Enzymes in Synthesis of Novel Functional Food Ingredients
    Amit Kumar Jaiswal and Samriti Sharma
    Enzymes in Processing of Nutraceuticals
    Fahad M. A. AlHemaid and Muthusamy Chandrasekaran
    Enzyme-Mediated Novel Biotransformations in Food and Beverage Production
    Pedro Fernandes
    Enzymes in Probiotics
    T. R. Keerthi, Honey Chandran C., and Muthusamy Chandrasekaran
    Enzyme Inhibitors in Regulating Enzyme Processing of Food and Beverages
    Manzur Ali P. P. and Sapna Kesav
    Enzymes in Valorization of Food and Beverage Wastes
    Wan Chi Lam, Tsz Him Kwan, and Carol Sze Ki Lin
    Emerging Trends and Future Prospectives
    Muthusamy Chandrasekaran


    Professor Muthusamy Chandrasekaran is a distinguished scientist and a Teacher who has made significant contributions in the field of marine microbiology and biotechnology. Born on April 10th 1956 Professor Chandrasekaran had his B.Sc Degree in Zoology from University of Madras, India, M.Sc degree in Marine biology from Annamalai University, India and Ph.D degree in Microbiology (food microbiology) from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India, He did his post doctoral research in genetic engineering of bacteria for waste water treatment in Hiroshima University, Japan. His major area of research interest is harnessing marine microorganisms for novel enzymes, bioactive molecules, microbial and enzyme technologies for enzyme production and waste management.