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The end of the Cold War profoundly altered the dynamics between and within the various states in Europe and the rest of the World, resulting in a resurgence of interest in the concept of federalism. This shift in balance has been further fuelled by the increase in the number of conflicts arising from the disaffection of the diverse ethnic or religious minorities residing within these states (e.g. Sudan, Iraq). Globalization is forcing governments not only to work together, but also to reconsider their internal roles as guarantors of economic growth, with regions playing the major part. Federalism Studies offers academics a complete and in-depth understanding of federalism and intergovernmental relations in historical, theoretical and comparative contexts. Intended to be international and interdisciplinary in scope, the books in the series are designed to build a common framework for the constructive analysis of federalism. Contributions are welcome on topics which explore federalism as a theory; as a political system and as a form of conflict management.

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Anthropocene and Cosmopolitan Citizenship Europe and the New International Order

Anthropocene and Cosmopolitan Citizenship: Europe and the New International Order

1st Edition

By Guido Montani
April 18, 2024

Anthropocene and Cosmopolitan Citizenship criticizes the Westphalia system of international relations and, as an alternative, proposes cosmopolitan citizenship. The book offers a critique of the theory of international relations based on the Westphalian system and the principle of national ...

Intergovernmental Relations in the UK Cooperation and Conflict in a Devolved Unitary State

Intergovernmental Relations in the UK: Cooperation and Conflict in a Devolved Unitary State

1st Edition

By Marius Guderjan
June 01, 2023

Intergovernmental Relations in the UK provides a timely and up-to-date analysis of a turbulent decade in British politics and presents a fascinating case study of intergovernmental relations and territorial power in a devolved unitary state. As over time a widening range of powers has been ...

Tensions of American Federal Democracy Fragmentation of the State

Tensions of American Federal Democracy: Fragmentation of the State

1st Edition

By Jared Sonnicksen
March 02, 2022

Tensions of American Federal Democracy uses an original analytical framework combined with comparative perspectives – including those of other modern federal democracies – to explore the jigsaw puzzle that is the state of American federal democracy. The USA has a complex political system prone...

Comparative Paradiplomacy

Comparative Paradiplomacy

1st Edition

By Jorge Schiavon
December 03, 2018

Studying paradiplomacy comparatively, this book explains why and how sub-state governments (SSG) conduct their international relations (IR) with external actors, and how federal authorities and local governments coordinate, or not, in the definition and implementation of the national foreign policy...

Federalism, Secession, and International Recognition Regime Iraqi Kurdistan

Federalism, Secession, and International Recognition Regime: Iraqi Kurdistan

1st Edition

Edited By Alex Danilovich
October 01, 2018

Federalism is widely believed to be an efficient tool to quell ethnic conflict, yet recently there has been a pronounced global tendency among ethnic minorities to break away from larger nations. Iraqi Kurdistan, a region within the newly established Iraqi federation, also harbors plans to proclaim...

The Rise of Catalan Independence Spain’s Territorial Crisis

The Rise of Catalan Independence: Spain’s Territorial Crisis

1st Edition

By Andrew Dowling
March 07, 2018

As recently as the mid-2000s, Catalonia was described and analysed by scholars as exhibiting a non-secessionist nationalism and was seen within Europe and beyond as a role model for successful devolution which had much to teach other parts of the world. The Spanish state seemed to be on a journey ...

Principles and Practices of Fiscal Autonomy Experiences, Debates and Prospects

Principles and Practices of Fiscal Autonomy: Experiences, Debates and Prospects

1st Edition

By Giancarlo Pola
October 12, 2017

This century has seen the continuation of long-term trends in the movement of the territorial boundaries of nation states alongside the emergence of new tensions. The repercussions of the Scottish referendum and the heightened urgency of the Catalonia question along with the continued economic ...

Understanding Federalism and Federation

Understanding Federalism and Federation

1st Edition

By Alain-G. Gagnon, Soeren Keil
October 12, 2017

Based on a variety of contemporary debates on federal theory Understanding Federalism and Federation honours Michael Burgess’ contribution to the study of these topics through a selection of approaches, theories, debates and interpretations. Gathering contributors from diverse subfields to ...

Europe's Hidden Federalism Federal Experiences of European Integration

Europe's Hidden Federalism: Federal Experiences of European Integration

1st Edition

By Bojan Kovacevic
May 23, 2017

The hidden federal features of the European Union help explain the challenges of legitimacy, democracy and freedom that face an unfinished political community. Ideas about federalism and the reality of existing federal states cannot be sharply divided in an analysis of the EU’s multilevel political...

Constitutionalising Europe Processes and Practices

Constitutionalising Europe: Processes and Practices

1st Edition

By Michael Longo
November 25, 2016

The European Union is in a state of transformation with its constitutional future the subject of much heated debate. This book provides a durable, authoritative and comprehensive account of constitutional development, examining the pivotal roles of law and judicial politics in establishing the EU ...

Federalism beyond Federations Asymmetry and Processes of Resymmetrisation in Europe

Federalism beyond Federations: Asymmetry and Processes of Resymmetrisation in Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Ferran Requejo, Nagel Klaus-Jürgen
November 23, 2016

Since the end of the Second World War, a set of democratic European countries have established a decentralized system of government based on federal or regional patterns. Some of these systems initially displayed an asymmetrical trend, however, some democracies have implemented a subsequent process...

The EU and Federalism Polities and Policies Compared

The EU and Federalism: Polities and Policies Compared

1st Edition

Edited By Finn Laursen
October 19, 2016

Tracing the evolution of federalist theory and the European Union (EU), an international line up of distinguished experts debate the pros and cons of treating the EU in a comparative context and ask whether a constitutional equilibrium has been reached in the EU. They examine policymaking or modes...

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