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This innovative series of short-form books provides a new forum to critically evaluate contemporary scholarship and global practice in all aspects of PR and communications. It aims to promote and provoke new ways of thinking, providing an opportunity to reframe public relations beyond traditional frameworks, reflecting new interpretations, emerging research, and insights from different fields. One goal of the series is to bridge the perceived gap between the "academics" and "professionals" in the PR and communications fields, and to introduce diverse voices discussing theories and practice in the global economy. The concise format (20-40,000 words) offers both new and established scholars an accessible and supportive opportunity for publishing and disseminating new ideas and emerging research.

If you have an idea for the Global Public Relations Insights series, please contact the Commissioning Editor [email protected] for more information.

About the Series Editor: Donnalyn Pompper is Professor, Endowed Chair in Public Relations at the University of Oregon, USA. She is the author of several books, has published extensively in peer-reviewed academic journals and also has 25 years of practical experience as a public relations manager and journalist prior to joining the academy.

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Strategic Communication and AI Public Relations with Intelligent User Interfaces

Strategic Communication and AI: Public Relations with Intelligent User Interfaces

1st Edition

By Simon Moore, Roland Hübscher
September 25, 2023

This concise text provides an accessible introduction to artificial intelligence and intelligent user interfaces (IUIs) and how they are at the heart of a communication revolution for strategic communications and public relations. IUIs are where users and technology meet – via computers, phones, ...

Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Communicators and Activism

Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Communicators and Activism

1st Edition

By Lukasz Swiatek, Marina Vujnovic, Chris Galloway, Dean Kruckeberg
September 09, 2023

In a world that is increasingly wary of artificial intelligence (AI), this book explores the pressing need for strategic communicators to move away from being advocates for AI and move towards a more critical activist role that enables them to counter AI-driven threats to communities and ...

Public Relations and Online Engagement Audiences, Fandom and Influencers

Public Relations and Online Engagement: Audiences, Fandom and Influencers

1st Edition

Edited By Amber L. Hutchins, Natalie T. J. Tindall
May 31, 2023

As media continues to evolve, social media has become even more integral to public relations activities, presenting new opportunities and challenges for practitioners. Relationships between publics and organizations continue to be first and foremost, but the process and possibilities for mutually ...

Public Relations and Sustainable Citizenship Representing the Unrepresented

Public Relations and Sustainable Citizenship: Representing the Unrepresented

1st Edition

By Debashish Munshi, Priya Kurian
May 01, 2023

This book examines how public relations might re-imagine itself as an instrument of "sustainable citizenship" by exploring alternative models of representing and building relationships with and among marginalised publics that disrupt the standard discourses of public relations. It argues that ...

Public Relations as Public Diplomacy The Royal Bank of Canada’s Monthly Letter, 1943-2003

Public Relations as Public Diplomacy: The Royal Bank of Canada’s Monthly Letter, 1943-2003

1st Edition

By Sandra L. Braun
February 10, 2020

This is a study of the Royal Bank of Canada’s Monthly Letter, which was initially created in 1920 as a traditional economic newsletter and later evolved quite serendipitously into a publication marvel when, in 1943, it came under the influence of John Heron, journalist and publicist, gaining mass ...

Strategic Communication for Startups and Entrepreneurs in China

Strategic Communication for Startups and Entrepreneurs in China

1st Edition

By Linjuan Rita Men, Yi Grace Ji, Zifei Fay Chen
December 16, 2019

This book presents a comprehensive guide for public relations and strategic communication professionals and entrepreneurs to effectively manage the communication aspects of startups in the context of business in China. Drawing on interdisciplinary theories, current issues, and updated research ...

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