1st Edition

Handbook of Innovation in the Food and Drink Industry

Edited By Ruth Rama Copyright 2008

    Forget the idea that the food and beverage (F&B) industry is low-tech and slow-changing. The Handbook of Innovation in the Food and Drink Industry goes beyond the traditional perspectives by exploring neglected aspects of technological change in this industry. Economic and managerial aspects of innovation, technological change, new product introduction, and research and development are discussed by leading international specialists in the food and drink industry. Food quality and society, dynamic innovations, the role of biotechnology, and future challenges in the industry are examined clearly in detail.

    Topics include:

    • Characteristics of production in the F&B firm
    • Managements of innovation and the effects on productivity in the F&B firm
    • Assessment of recent studies on innovation
    • Internal and external factors of innovation at the firm level
    • Role of the market and competition
    • Characteristics and determinates of product innovation
    • Productivity and innovation effects in the United States food processing industry
    • Management of knowledge
    • Innovations in food safety
    • Innovations in food quality
    • Biotechnology, information and communication technology (ICT), and the F&B industry
    • Analysis of the transformation of the Niagara wine cluster in Canada into a regional innovation system
    • Much more!

    The Handbook of Innovation in the Food and Drink Industry includes a review of industry literature on innovations, including the most debated topics. Chapters focus on study cases, analyses of large databases and other tools, economic analyses, and crucial survey results. This is a one-of-a-kind text that provides a well-rounded view of the entire industry and where it is heading. The book is carefully referenced and includes tables to clearly present data.

    Introduction, R. Rama
    Empirical Studies of Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry, R. Rama and N. von Tunzelmann
    Nature and Determinants of Product Innovation in a Competitive Environment of Changing Vertical Relationships, G. Galizzi and L. Venturini
    Productivity and Innovation in the U.S. Food Processing Sector, P.C. Geylani, G.K. Pompelli, and S.E. Stefanou)
    Managing Knowledge for Product Innovation, K. Tollin
    The Interaction of Public and Private Incentives in Promoting Food Safety Innovation in the U.S. Meat Industry, J.A. Caswell, T. Roberts, E. Golan, and E. Salay
    Innovation, ISO Certification and Quality Normalization in the Food Industry, N. López, J.M. Montes, and C. Vázquez
    Biotech Innovation in Europe's Food and Drink Processing Industry: Promise, Barriers and Exploitation, J. Senker and V. Mangematin
    Evolution of the Global Lysine Industry, 1960-2000, J.M. Connor
    Organisational and Technological Changes in French Agribusiness: Forms and Determinants, D. Galliano and P. Roux
    Knowledge-Sourcing for Product Innovation in the Food and Drinks Industry, J. Lindgaard Christensen
    Vision, Innovation and Identity: The Transformation of a Wine Cluster in the Niagara Peninsula, L.K. Mytelka and H. Goertzen
    Technological Innovation in the Brazilian Food and Beverage Industry, J. Ednilson de Oliveira Cabral and R. Rama
    Reference Notes Included


    Ruth Rama

    This book entitled 'Handbook of innovation in the food and drink industry' is very appealing and interesting at the same time and comes to fill a gap in the current literature…This book is addressed to a wide audience such as academics, researchers, practitioners, industrialists, and policymakers and most of them are anticipated to find it very useful because of its practical approach and the various case studies incorporated therein.
    --Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis, Associate Professor,UTH, Hellas, Greece
    International Journal of Food Science and Technology 2010

    In summary, this book provides worthy insights to the innovation processes in the food and drink industry with an international perspective. It addresses key economic and managerial aspects of innovation and proposes alternative means of measuring innovation in an industry with such distinct characteristics as the food and drink industry. … it is a valuable source of information for the whole food and drink industry, containing a wealth of information, useful data and in-depth literature reviews and references, all well documented. The merits of the individual contributors can guarantee the quality of the book.
    ---Konstantinos Galanopoulos, Democritus University of Thrace, OXFORDJOURNALS.ORG November 2010

    "Overall, this collection of articles makes a valuable contribution to the existing literature on innovation in food and drinks industry."
    — Prof. P.B. Appa Rao, Dean of Academic Affairs, Sri Ramakrishna P.G. College, Agribusiness, Vol. 26, (2), p. 326, 2010