Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods  book cover
1st Edition

Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods

ISBN 9781439862674
Published September 24, 2012 by CRC Press
616 Pages 68 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The focus of food science and technology has shifted from previous goals of improving food safety and enhancing food taste toward providing healthy and functional foods. Today’s consumers desire foods that go beyond basic nutrition—foods capable of promoting better health, or even playing a disease-prevention role. To meet this need for innovation, academic research must be combined with the development and commercialization strategies of industry. Innovation in Healthy and Functional Foods brings together this knowledge, with contributions from experts in biological science, food science, engineering, marketing, regulation, law, finance, sustainability, and management.

Focusing on functional foods that have components added—such as omega-3, probiotics, and protein—to provide health benefits, this book presents various aspects of the innovation process. These include consumer insights, trends in developed and developing markets, and technological advances in functional foods and ingredients. It also addresses the key drivers of food industry innovation—affordability, sustainability, and tightening government regulations. Chapters cover characteristics of various markets around the world; consumer perception; food processing, packaging, and ingredients; innovation in functional ingredients; and functional ingredient delivery.

Given the importance and challenges of getting functional food products into the marketplace, this book also covers the business aspects of innovation in food science, including marketing, financial implications, and commercial feasibility. Additionally, contributors provide insights into future trends, such as food tourism, nanotechnology, sustainability, and globalization. Bringing together expertise from academia and industry, this text provides an overview of contemporary food science, with wisdom and know-how in both innovation and commercialization, placing functional foods in a broader context for readers.

Table of Contents

The Innovation Journey: How to Improve R&D Leverage and Speed to Market
Dilip Ghosh, Shantanu Das, Debasis Bagchi, and Raja B. Smarta
Innovations in Functional Food Industry for Health and Wellness
Parigi Ramesh Kumar and V. Prakash
Developments and Innovations in Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods
M. L. Shankaranarayana, Jayant Deshpande, and Abhijit Bhattacharya
Innovation in Food Safety and Regulation
Kalpagam Polasa and B. Sesikeran
Creating and Establishing Networks for the Commercialization of Innovations
Leena Aarikka-Stenroos and Birgitta Sandberg

Market and Trends
The Regulation and Marketing of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods in Europe: The Broader Impact of the Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation
Patrick Coppens
Market and Marketing of Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements in America
Philip E. Apong
Dairy Innovations and Market Growth in India
Raka Saxena, A. K. Srivastava, and A. K. Singh
Changing Global Food Consumption Patterns: An Economic Perspective
Srikanta Chatterjee
Influence of Regulations on the Commercialization and Marketing of Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals in Canada and the United States
Lina Paulionis, Alex Kocenas, Manki Ho, Karen Ly, Larry McGirr, and Ilana Platt

Consumer Perspective on Innovation versus Need
Functional Food Trends in India
Rekha Mallia
New Approaches for Foods and Nutrition for the Bottom of the Pyramid (Gandhi’s Vision)
Ashok Vaidya
Consumer Reactions to Health Claims on Food Products
Klaus G. Grunert and Lisa Lähteenmäki

Technological Development on Healthy and Functional Foods
Effect of Processing on Nutrients in Foods
Fanbin Kong and R. Paul Singh
Requirements for Innovative Food Packaging
Kata Galic´
Innovation in Iron Fortification: Is the Future in Iron-Binding Milk Proteins?
Ashling Ellis, Vikas Mittal, and Maya Sugiarto
Stabilization of Probiotics for Industrial Application
Devastotra Poddar, Arup Nag, Shantanu Das, and Harjinder Singh
Application of Radio Frequency for Military Group Ration Food Package
K. Luechapattanaporn, Y. Wang, J. Wang, J. Tang, L. M. Hallberg,
and C. P. Dunne
The Interaction between Food Components and the Innovation Pipeline
Alistair Carr
Innovation in Technology Development with Reference to Enzymatic Extraction of Flavonoids
Munish Puri and Madan Lal Verma
Novel Extraction Technology for Antioxidants and Phytochemicals
Rajshri Roy, Kerrie Close, and Dilip Ghosh

Innovation in Functional Food Ingredients
Advances in Milk Protein Ingredients
Thom Huppertz and Hashmukh Patel
Probiotics as Functional Food Ingredients for Augmenting Human Health
Sunita Grover, Ashwani Kumar, A. K. Srivastava, and Virender K. Batish
Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Basic and Contemporary Research Issues
Melinda Phang, Melissa Fry, and Manohar L. Garg
Assessment of Polyphenol-Rich Foods and Beverages on Endothelial (Vascular) Function in Healthy Humans
Mark L. Dreher
Traditional Understanding, Modern Science, and Usage of Herbal Medicine for Diabetes
Dennis Chang, Srinivas Nammi, and Suzanne Grant

Market to Innovative Products
Drivers and Barriers for Marketing Innovative Functional Food Products
Ruth D’Souza
Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Media for Brand Building of Innovative Foods and Nutritional Products
M. G. Parameswaran
Financial Implications of Innovations
Girish P. Jakhotiya
Market-Focused Innovation in Food and Nutrition
Raja B. Smarta

Future Trends
Innovation in Food Tourism Product Distribution
Timothy J. Lee, Tin-Chung Huang, and Kuan-Huei Lee
Regulations and Innovations Interphase
D. B. Anantha Narayana
Nano-Functional Foods: Nanotechnology, Nutritional Engineering, and Nutritionally Reductive Food Marketing
Gyorgy Scrinis and Kristen Lyons
Sustainability of Local Food Production: A Review on Energy and Environmental Perspectives
Sumita Ghosh


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Dilip Ghosh is a director at Nutriconnect in Sydney, Australia, and an honorary ambassador for the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI). He has longtime involvement in drug development (both synthetic and herbal) and functional food research and development both in academia and industry. Dr. Ghosh is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and is also on the editorial board of several journals. He has published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals, numerous articles in food and nutrition magazines and books. His recent book, Biotechnology in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, was published by CRC Press in 2010.

Shantanu Das works as a product development manager at Riddet Institute (Centre for Research Excellence in Food and Nutrition), Massey University, New Zealand. He is responsible for developing new technologies for commercial application in the food and nutrition industry. Dr. Das and his team undertake R&D projects in various areas related to functional foods, especially delivery systems of functional ingredients. His recent achievement is development of a patented technology for delivering probiotic bacteria at high concentration through shelf-stable foods, which received the Food Industry Innovation Excellence Award 2011 from the New Zealand Institute of Food Scientists and Technologists.

Debasis Bagchi is a professor in the Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Houston, Texas. Dr. Bagchi is also the director of Innovation & Clinical Affairs of Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Bagchi is a Fellow and Master of the American College of Nutrition, member of the Society of Toxicology, member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Nutrition Research Academy, and member of the TCE stakeholder Committee of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He is the associate editor of the Journal of Functional Foods and Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Dr. Bagchi is the immediate past president of the American College of Nutrition, Clearwater, Florida, and vice chairman of the International Society of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF). He has 288 peer-reviewed publications, 15 books, and 15 patents.

Raja B. Smarta is the founder and managing director of Interlink Marketing Consulting Pvt. Ltd. He is a reputed consultant and mentor for corporations in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, wellness, healthcare, and life science industries, as well as a corporate trainer. Dr. Smarta is a faculty member in leading management institutions including JBIMS (Bajaj Institute of Management Studies); NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies); IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Indore; and Pharmacy College, Manipal; and a guide to Ph.D. students. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Certified Member of Consultants, board member of HADSA (part of the International Alliance Dietary/Food Supplement Associations), and an editor of Nutrascope.


"… impressed by the vast amount of information offered to the reader. … not only mentions the largest number of ingredients I have seen in a single publication of this kind, it also discusses them in-depth and well referenced. … so full of information it is a ‘must have’"
GHI Matters, April/June 2013