1st Edition

Novel Food Processing Effects on Rheological and Functional Properties

    510 Pages 178 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    510 Pages 178 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Rapid expansion of research on the development of novel food processes in the past decade has resulted in novel processes drawn from fields outside the traditional parameters of food processing. Providing a wealth of new knowledge, Novel Food Processing: Effects on Rheological and Functional Properties covers structural and functional changes at the micro level, and their implications at the macro level, in food exposed to new and emerging technologies.

    Contributions from an international panel with academic and professional credentials form the backbone of this work. They focus on the functional, rheological, and micro-structural changes that occur in foods when using emerging technologies such as high pressure processing, Ohmic heating, pulse electric fields, and ultraviolet radiation. The book examines new and innovative applications and presents the impact of these research findings on the nutritional aspects of protein and carbohydrate containing foods. It also considers the synergic effects of protein-starch components. Each chapter provides an in-depth analysis of a novel technology and its effect on food structure and function.

    New directions in food processing will continue to be influenced by diverse fields and used to respond to consumer concerns about food safety, quality, sensory attributes, and nutrition. Combining coverage of technological applications with the chemistry of food and biomaterials, this book illustrates in a very clear and concise fashion the structure-functionality relationship and how it is affected by newly developed and increasingly popular processing technologies.

    Introduction and Plan of the Book, J. Ahmed, H.S. Ramaswamy, S. Kasapis, and J.I. Boye

    Effect of Radio-Frequency Heating on Food, V. Orsat

    Ohmic Heating Effects on Rheological and Functional Properties of Foods, M. Marcotte, H.S. Ramaswamy, Y. Karimi-Zindashty, and M.R. Zareifard

    Effect of High Electric Field on Food Processing, A. Muthukumaran, V. Orsat, T.R. Bajgai, and G.S. V. Raghavan

    Pulsed Electric Fields: A Review on Design, S. Alkhafaji and M. Farid

    Ultrasound Effect on Food Processing, J. Salazar, J.A. Chávez, A. Turó, and M.J. García-Hernández

    Ultrasound Processing: Rheological and Functional Properties of Food, K. Muthukumarappan, B.K. Tiwari, C.P. O’Donnell, and P.J. Cullen

    Effect of Irradiation on Food Texture and Rheology, P. Bhattacharjee and R.S. Singhal

    Ozone and CO2 Processing: Rheological and Functional Properties of Food, K. Muthukumarappan, B.K. Tiwari, C.P. O’Donnell, and P.J. Cullen

    Gelation and Thickening with Globular Proteins at Low Temperatures, R. Mercade-Prieto and S. Gunasekaran

    Fundamental Considerations in the Comparison between Thermal and Nonthermal Characterization of Biological Glasses, S. Kasapis

    Effect of High-Pressure and Ultrasonic Processing of Foods on Rheological Properties, J. Tattiyakul and M.A. Rao

    Effect of High Pressure on Structural and Rheological Properties of Cereals and Legume Proteins, J. Ahmed

    High-Pressure Treatment Effects on Food Proteins of Animal Origin, P.A. Alvarez, H.S. Ramaswamy, and A.A. Ismail

    Functional Properties and Microstructure of High-Pressure-Processed Starches and Starch-Water Suspensions, Y. Liu, W. Zhou and D. Young

    Effect of High Pressure on Textural and Microstructural Properties of Fruits and Vegetables, N.K. Rastogi

    Pressure-Shift Freezing Effects on Texture and Microstructure of Foods, S. Zhu and H.S. Ramaswamy

    Issues and Methods in Consumer-Led Development of Foods Processed by Innovative Technologies, A.V. Cardello and A.O. Wright

    Novel Techniques for the Processing of Soybeans, J.I. Boye and S.H. Rajamohamed

    Supercritical Fluid Extrusion: A Novel Method for Producing Microcellular Structures in Starch-Based Matrices, S. Alavi and S.S.H. Rizvi

    Rheological Properties of Liquid Foods Processed in a Continuous-Flow High-Pressure Throttling System, R.K. Singh and L. Sivanandan

    Food Frying: Modifying the Functional Properties of Batters, M. Ngadi and J. Xue

    Allergenicity of Food and Impact of Processing, A. Lopata



    Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy, Jasim Ahmed, Stefan Kasapis, Joyce J. Boye