1st Edition

Principles of Vegetable Oil Extraction

By Vivekanand Sadashiv Vadke Copyright 2024
    424 Pages 172 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers the technology of vegetable oil extraction, including theory, process technologies used for various oilseeds, machinery operation and design aspects. Pertinent topics are covered in two parts: mechanical expression and solvent extraction. The importance of each preparation operation is explained as related to oilseed structure, outlining the differences in the quality of prepared material from various oilseeds. It also covers modern press designs, designs of extractors, desolventisers and distillation line, and support equipment. Effect of each unit operation on final product quality, levels of safety and precautions in plant operation, and plant automation, are discussed. Finally, the book takes a peek at possible novel and green technologies to find solutions to problems faced by the industry.


    • Provides comprehensive coverage of vegetable oil extraction technology as applicable to major and minor oil-bearing materials.
    • Explains the effects of each of the seed preparation steps on cell structure, and how it improves oil extraction.
    • Describes mechanical expression technology in detail, including the design aspects of presses and seed preparation equipment.
    • Explores the design of solvent extraction process equipment, including extractor, desolventiser, distillation and support.
    • Discusses extraction plant safety, plant automation and utilities.

    This book is aimed at professionals, students and researchers in chemical and food engineering.

    Part 1 Mechanical Expression

    1 Introduction

    2 Technology of Preparation of Oil-Bearing Materials prior to Mechanical Expression

    3 Preparation Equipment: Operation Principles and Design Aspects

    4 Screw Pressing

    5 Cake Cooling, Storage and Utilisation

    6 Oil Filtration, Cooling and Storage

    7 Process Control and Automation

    8 Utility Requirement for Oil Mills

    9 Quality Issues

    10 Safety and Environment Aspects

    Part 2 Solvent Extraction

    11 Introduction

    12 Preparation Prior to Solvent Extraction

    13 Preparation Equipment: Construction Features and Design Aspects

    14 Solvent Extraction: Technology and Plant Operation

    15 SEP Equipment: Operation, Construction and Design Aspects

    16 Meal Pelleting and Edible Products of Soybean

    17 Bagging and Storage of De-oiled Meal

    18 Effect of Processing on Quality of Oil and Meal

    19 Utility Requirement of Oil Extraction Plants

    20 Environmental and Safety Issues


    Vivekanand Sadashiv Vadke is a leading process consultant in the vegetable oil industry. He completed his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, M.A.Sc. (chem. Eng.) at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and Ph.D. in Food Science at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He served for seven years with DeSmet India, where he was in charge of process design and marketing. Dr. Vadke specialises in process design of vegetable oil extraction plants and has helped upgrade many plants across continents to achieve higher process efficiencies and superior product quality, apart from designing new plants based on various oilseeds. He has several research and review papers to his credit and has been a speaker at many conferences. Dr. Vadke is currently engaged in developing novel technologies to find solutions to problems faced by the vegetable oil industry.