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Recent years have witnessed an ‘interpretive turn’ in marketing and consumer research. Methodologies from the humanities are taking their place alongside those drawn from the traditional social sciences. Qualitative and literary modes of marketing discourse are growing in popularity. Art and aesthetics are increasingly firing the marketing imagination. This series brings together the most innovative work in the burgeoning interpretive marketing research tradition. It ranges across the methodological spectrum from grounded theory to personal introspection, covering all aspects of the postmodern marketing ‘mix’, from advertising to product development, and embracing marketing’s principal sub-disciplines.

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Consumption, Psychology and Practice Theories A Hermeneutic Perspective

Consumption, Psychology and Practice Theories: A Hermeneutic Perspective

1st Edition

By Tony Wilson
February 25, 2020

Practice theories of our equipped and situated tacit construction of participatory narrative meaning are evident in multiple disciplines from architectural to communication study, consumer, marketing and media research, organisational, psychological and social insight. Their hermeneutic focus is on...

Macro-Social Marketing Insights Systems Thinking for Wicked Problems

Macro-Social Marketing Insights: Systems Thinking for Wicked Problems

1st Edition

Edited By Ann-Marie Kennedy
July 18, 2019

Macro-social marketing is an approach to solving wicked problems. Wicked problems include obesity, environmental degradation, smoking cessation, fast fashion, gambling, and drug and alcohol abuse. As such, wicked problems are those problems that are so complex and multifaceted, it is difficult to ...

Food and Experiential Marketing Pleasure, Wellbeing and Consumption

Food and Experiential Marketing: Pleasure, Wellbeing and Consumption

1st Edition

Edited By Wided Batat
July 02, 2019

Pleasure plays a significant but often neglected role in the creation of consumer wellbeing and the relationship between the food consumption experience and healthy eating. This innovative collection focusses on the experiential and hedonic aspects of food and the sociocultural, economic, ...

The Undermining of Beliefs in the Autonomy and Rationality of Consumers

The Undermining of Beliefs in the Autonomy and Rationality of Consumers

1st Edition

By John O'Shaugnessy, Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
January 17, 2019

This book examines modern consumption, focusing on concepts of autonomy and rationality. In recent years, conventional ideas of 'free will' have come under attack in the context of consumer choice and similarly, postmodernists have sabotaged the very notion of consumer rationality. O’Shaughnessy ...

Taste, Consumption and Markets An Interdisciplinary Volume

Taste, Consumption and Markets: An Interdisciplinary Volume

1st Edition

Edited By Zeynep Arsel, Jonathan Bean
September 04, 2018

Taste is a core concept for the social sciences and an orienting notion in everyday practice. It is of equal relevance to academics and laypeople alike. Theorizations of taste are frequently multi- disciplinary, bringing an opportunity to cross-fertilize ideas and concepts. At the same time, a ...

Gifts, Romance, and Consumer Culture

Gifts, Romance, and Consumer Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Yuko Minowa, Russell Belk
September 17, 2018

How do people communicate their romantic feelings? Gift giving is one way. Giving and receiving of gifts is a characteristic of intimate relationships. Gifts are a message, a form of communication with a tangible material object, about love, affection, or concern for the recipient. The "romantic ...

Analyzing Music in Advertising Television Commercials and Consumer Choice

Analyzing Music in Advertising: Television Commercials and Consumer Choice

1st Edition

By Nicolai Graakjaer
June 08, 2018

The study of music in commercials is well-suited for exploring the persuasive impact that music has beyond the ability to entertain, edify, and purify its audience. This book focuses on music in commercials from an interpretive text analytical perspective, answering hitherto neglected questions: ...

Celebrity Fans and Their Consumer Behaviour Autoethnographic Insights into the Life of a Fan

Celebrity Fans and Their Consumer Behaviour: Autoethnographic Insights into the Life of a Fan

1st Edition

By Markus Wohlfeil
February 09, 2018

Ever since the dawn of the Hollywood star system in the early 1920s, consumers have been fascinated by film stars and other celebrities and their seemingly glamorous private lives. The public demand for celebrities has become so pervasive that it is arguably an essential element of our everyday ...

Co-Creation, Innovation and New Service Development The Case of Videogames Industry

Co-Creation, Innovation and New Service Development: The Case of Videogames Industry

1st Edition

By Jedrzej Czarnota
December 19, 2017

Involving customers in the development and production of new services becomes a powerful force across many creative industries. Customers can directly supply the firm with innovative ideas, provide skilled labour, and act as a powerful force in marketing. Firms across the world, as they seek to ...

Digitalizing Consumption How devices shape consumer culture

Digitalizing Consumption: How devices shape consumer culture

1st Edition

Edited By Franck Cochoy, Johan Hagberg, Magdalena McIntyre, Niklas Sörum
June 07, 2017

Contemporary consumer society is increasingly saturated by digital technology, and the devices that deliver this are increasingly transforming consumption patterns. Social media, smartphones, mobile apps and digital retailing merge with traditional consumption spheres, supported by digital devices ...

Sensory Marketing Theoretical and Empirical Grounds

Sensory Marketing: Theoretical and Empirical Grounds

1st Edition

By Bertil Hultén
March 10, 2017

Sensory Marketing offers a global view of the use of senses in marketing strategy based on consumers' perception and behaviour. Integrating the company constraints and classical approaches of branding and communication, the author presents sensory marketing as an emergent marketing paradigm in...

Consumption and Spirituality

Consumption and Spirituality

1st Edition

Edited By Diego Rinallo, Linda Scott, Pauline Maclaran
November 10, 2016

This book sheds light on the consumption of spiritual products, services, experiences, and places through state-of-the-art studies by leading and emerging scholars in interpretive consumer research, marketing, sociology, anthropology, cultural, and religious studies. The collection brings together ...

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