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Recent years have witnessed an ‘interpretive turn’ in marketing and consumer research. Methodologies from the humanities are taking their place alongside those drawn from the traditional social sciences. Qualitative and literary modes of marketing discourse are growing in popularity. Art and aesthetics are increasingly firing the marketing imagination. This series brings together the most innovative work in the burgeoning interpretive marketing research tradition. It ranges across the methodological spectrum from grounded theory to personal introspection, covering all aspects of the postmodern marketing ‘mix’, from advertising to product development, and embracing marketing’s principal sub-disciplines.

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Interpreting Consumer Choice The Behavioural Perspective Model

Interpreting Consumer Choice: The Behavioural Perspective Model

1st Edition

By Gordon Foxall
July 08, 2013

Interpretive consumer research usually proceeds with a minimum of structure and preconceptions. This book presents a more structured approach than is usual, showing how a simple framework that embodies the rewards and costs associated with consumer choice can be used to interpret a wide range of ...

Beyond the Consumption Bubble

Beyond the Consumption Bubble

1st Edition

Edited By Karin Ekström, Kay Glans
July 27, 2012

Research on consumption can shed light on many fundamental questions, such as the character of society, including social and cultural dimensions; the relations between the generations; dependency on technology and the risks involved; the rise of Asia and its potential consumption preferences; the ...

Marketing Discourse A Critical Perspective

Marketing Discourse: A Critical Perspective

1st Edition

By Per Skålén, Martin Fougère, Markus Fellesson
July 27, 2012

The marketing discipline has been dominated by managerial research that has never really been counterbalanced by a systematic critical analysis which is problematic given the assumed legitimization of the managerialism that has ensued. This book is an attempt to rest the balance, articulating a ...

Managing Service Firms The Power of Managerial Marketing

Managing Service Firms: The Power of Managerial Marketing

1st Edition

By Per Skålén
April 12, 2010

Based on a conceptual analysis of marketing texts, particularly service marketing texts, and a case study of a service firm that utilizes approaches to managing organizations that have been developed within the boundaries of marketing, this book presents a critical examination of marketing as a ...

Explorations in Consumer Culture Theory

Explorations in Consumer Culture Theory

1st Edition

Edited By John F. Sherry Jr., Eileen Fischer
January 26, 2011

The literature of marketplace behaviour, long dominated by economic and psychological discourse, has matured in the last decade to reveal the vast expanse of consumption activity not adequately addressed – in either theoretical or empirical perspective - by the discipline's favoured approaches. The...

Consuming Books The Marketing and Consumption of Literature

Consuming Books: The Marketing and Consumption of Literature

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen Brown
October 16, 2008

The buying, selling, and writing of books is a colossal industry in which marketing looms large, yet there are very few books which deal with book marketing (how-to texts excepted) and fewer still on book consumption. This innovative text not only rectifies this, but also argues that far from being...

Visual Consumption

Visual Consumption

1st Edition

By Jonathan Schroeder
June 13, 2005

A key characteristic of the twenty-first century economy is 'the image'. Brand development is based on image, products are advertised via images, and corporate image is critical for economic success. This book draws from art history, photography and visual studies to develop an interdisciplinary, ...

Marketing Apocalypse Eschatology, Escapology and the Illusion of the End

Marketing Apocalypse: Eschatology, Escapology and the Illusion of the End

1st Edition

Edited By Jim Bell, Stephen Brown, David Carson
January 09, 1998

The present volume of essays examines the extent to which the end of marketing is nigh. The authors explore the present state of marketing scholarship and put forward a variety of visions of marketing in the twenty first century. Ranging from narratology to feminism, these suggestions are always ...

Representing Consumers Voices, Views and Visions

Representing Consumers: Voices, Views and Visions

1st Edition

Edited By Barbara Stern
November 10, 1998

Consumer research has traditionally focused on issues of epistemology in the collection and analysis of data. As a consequence, the crisis in representation which has radically reshaped understanding in the social sciences, has, so far, had very little impact on consumer research. This book ...

Romancing the Market

Romancing the Market

1st Edition

Edited By Stephen Brown, Bill Clarke, Anne Marie Doherty
December 22, 1998

Romancing the Market is a radical rethinking of marketing understanding. Marketing and consumer research are dominated by the neo-classical ideals of the Enlightenment such as rigour, dispassion and the search for scientific 'truth'. In a series of provocative essays, the contributors challenge ...

The Why of Consumption Contemporary Perspectives on Consumer Motives, Goals and Desires

The Why of Consumption: Contemporary Perspectives on Consumer Motives, Goals and Desires

1st Edition

By Cynthia Huffman, David Glen Mick, S. Ratneshwar
June 03, 2003

This book brings together an international collection of authors from a variety of disciplines who offer new and critical perspectives, summarize key findings and provide important theoretical frameworks to guide the reader through the ‘why?’ of consumption. The book answers questions such as: ...

Marketing and Social Construction Exploring the Rhetorics of Managed Consumption

Marketing and Social Construction: Exploring the Rhetorics of Managed Consumption

1st Edition

By Chris Hackley
April 27, 2001

Marketing is at the centre of the business education boom: a million or more people worldwide are studying the subject at any one time. Yet despite widespread discontent with the intellectual standards in marketing, very little has changed over the past thirty years. In this ground-breaking new ...

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