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Routledge SOLON Explorations in Crime and Criminal Justice Histories

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This series is a collaboration between Routledge and the SOLON consortium (promoting studies in law, crime and history), to present cutting edge interdisciplinary research in crime and criminal justice history, through monographs and thematic collected editions which reflect on key issues and dilemmas in criminology and socio-legal studies by locating them within a historical dimension. The series emphasizes inspiring historical and historiographical methodological approaches to contextualise and understand current priorities and problems and aims to highlight the best, most innovative interdisciplinary work from both new and established scholars in the field, through focusing on the enduring historical resonances to current core criminological and socio-legal issues.

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Public Indecency in England 1857-1960 'A Serious and Growing Evil’

Public Indecency in England 1857-1960: 'A Serious and Growing Evil’

1st Edition

By David Cox, Kim Stevenson, Candida Harris, Judith Rowbotham
February 06, 2018

Throughout the nineteenth century and twentieth century, various attempts were made to define and control problematic behaviour in public by legal and legislative means through the use of a somewhat nebulous concept of ‘indecency’. Remarkably however, public indecency remains a much ...

A History of Forensic Science British beginnings in the twentieth century

A History of Forensic Science: British beginnings in the twentieth century

1st Edition

By Alison Adam
June 16, 2017

How and when did forensic science originate in the UK? This question demands our attention because our understanding of present-day forensic science is vastly enriched through gaining an appreciation of what went before. A History of Forensic Science is the first book to consider the wide spectrum ...

The Police and the Expansion of Public Order Law in Britain, 1829-2014

The Police and the Expansion of Public Order Law in Britain, 1829-2014

1st Edition

By Iain Channing
April 27, 2017

Incidences of public disorder, and the manner in which they have been suppressed, have repeatedly ignited debate on the role of policing, the effectiveness of current legislation and the implications for human rights and civil liberties. These same issues have reverberated throughout British ...

Transnational Penal Cultures New perspectives on discipline, punishment and desistance

Transnational Penal Cultures: New perspectives on discipline, punishment and desistance

1st Edition

Edited By Vivien Miller, James Campbell
November 07, 2016

Focusing on three key stages of the criminal justice process, discipline, punishment and desistance, and incorporating case studies from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia, the thirteen chapters in this collection are based on exciting new research that explores the evolution and ...

The Origins of Modern Financial Crime Historical foundations and current problems in Britain

The Origins of Modern Financial Crime: Historical foundations and current problems in Britain

1st Edition

By Sarah Wilson
April 27, 2016

The recent global financial crisis has been characterised as a turning point in the way we respond to financial crime. Focusing on this change and ‘crime in the commercial sphere’, this text considers the legal and economic dimensions of financial crime and its significance in societal ...

Capital Punishment in Twentieth-Century Britain Audience, Justice, Memory

Capital Punishment in Twentieth-Century Britain: Audience, Justice, Memory

1st Edition

By Lizzie Seal
September 03, 2015

Capital punishment for murder was abolished in Britain in 1965. At this time, the way people in Britain perceived and understood the death penalty had changed – it was an issue that had become increasingly controversial, high-profile and fraught with emotion. In order to understand why this was, it...

Policing Twentieth Century Ireland A History of An Garda Síochána

Policing Twentieth Century Ireland: A History of An Garda Síochána

1st Edition

By Vicky Conway
May 21, 2015

The twentieth century was a time of rapid social change in Ireland: from colonial rule to independence, civil war and later the Troubles; from poverty to globalisation and the Celtic Tiger; and from the rise to the fall of the Catholic Church. Policing in Ireland has been shaped by all of these ...

Shame, Blame, and Culpability Crime and violence in the modern state

Shame, Blame, and Culpability: Crime and violence in the modern state

1st Edition

Edited By Judith Rowbotham, Marianna Muravyeva, David Nash
January 03, 2014

This ground-breaking collection of research-based chapters addresses the themes of shame, blame and culpability in their historical perspective in the broad area of crime, violence and the modern state, drawing on less familiar territories such as Russia and Greece, not just on material from ...

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