Routledge Studies in Chinese Translation

Series Editor:

Routledge Studies in Chinese Translation

by Chris Shei (general editor)

Description of the series

Routledge Studies in Chinese Translation encompasses scholarly works on every possible translation activity and theory involving the use of Chinese language. At a time when Western translation studies has reached its maturity and scholars are looking for inspiration from elsewhere in the world where the current descriptive work has not covered, the field of Chinese translation offers the greatest potential for discovery of new frontier and formulation of new theories. This series will include monographs and edited works addressing the issues of Chinese translation from linguistic, literary, semiotic, cognitive, cultural, philosophical, sociological, political, socio-economic, educational and technological points of view. In the next few decades, Routledge Studies in Chinese Translation will put together an important knowledge base for Chinese and Westerner researchers on translation studies, as well as for scholars from other disciplines (literature, media studies, political science, machine translation and language technology, the psychology of translation, bilingualism… to name just a few) to draw on for essential information and further research that is based on or relevant to Chinese translation.

Strands of book titles to be included in the series (examples only, non-exhaustive)

  • Chinese linguistics and Chinese translation
  • Chinese literary translation
  • Chinese media studies and translation
  • Chinese politics and translation
  • Chinese philosophy / history / religion and Chinese translation
  • Chinese translation theories
  • The psychology of Chinese translation
  • Machine translation and language technology for Chinese translation
  • Computer aided Chinese translation
  • Chinese translation on mobile device
  • Business / technical / administrative / legal Chinese translation
  • Translation of traditional Chinese medicine

Author guidelines

If you are interested in publishing a monograph or an edited piece under this series, please get in touch with Chris Shei at or Each book in this series is expected to be 80000 words in length investigating an issue or exploring an area of Chinese translation. Extensive help will be provided to novice and mid-career authors in terms of topic discussion and book structuring, as well as procedural guidance from the writing of book proposal, replying to reviewers’ comments, timeline planning, submission and proofreading and so on. Publishing with a series is a good way to present your first or subsequent scholarly work and to get your name known to the field with the benefits of affiliating your book to a renowned publisher and sharing the established reputation of the editorial board and a line of specifically focused works.