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The Lines of the Symbolic in Psychoanalysis Series

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Psychoanalytic clinical and theoretical work is always embedded in specific linguistic and cultural contexts and carries their traces, traces which this series attends to in its focus on multiple contradictory and antagonistic ‘lines of the Symbolic’. This series takes its cue from Lacan’s psychoanalytic work on three registers of human experience, the Symbolic, the Imaginary and the Real, and employs this distinctive understanding of cultural, communication and embodiment to link with other traditions of cultural, clinical and theoretical practice beyond the Lacanian symbolic universe. Lines of the Symbolic in Psychoanalysis provides a reflexive reworking of theoretical and practical issues, translating psychoanalytic writing from different contexts, grounding that work in the specific histories and politics that provide the conditions of possibility for its descriptions and interventions to function. The series makes connections between different cultural and disciplinary sites in which psychoanalysis operates, questioning the idea that there could be one single correct reading and application of Lacan. Its authors trace their own path, their own line through the Symbolic, situating psychoanalysis in relation to debates which intersect with Lacanian work, explicating it, extending it and challenging it.


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Psychoanalysis and the New Rhetoric Freud, Burke, Lacan, and Philosophy's Other Scenes

Psychoanalysis and the New Rhetoric: Freud, Burke, Lacan, and Philosophy's Other Scenes

1st Edition


By Daniel Adleman, Chris Vanderwees
December 29, 2022

Psychoanalysis and the New Rhetoric: Freud, Burke, Lacan, and Philosophy's Other Scenes is an innovative work that posits the fields of psychoanalysis and rhetoric into reciprocal dialogue. It explores the rhetoric of psychoanalysis and the psychoanalytic aspects of rhetoric, and discusses what ...

Lacanian Fantasy The Image, Language and Uncertainty

Lacanian Fantasy: The Image, Language and Uncertainty

1st Edition

By Kirk Turner
August 02, 2022

Lacanian Fantasy addresses the question of how fantasy developed as a psychological concept, particularly as influenced by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. Kirk Turner moves thematically, from childhood to adulthood, and chronologically, from Freud’s earliest theories to Lacan’s most complex ...

Psychoanalysis, Politics, Oppression and Resistance Lacanian Perspectives

Psychoanalysis, Politics, Oppression and Resistance: Lacanian Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Chris Vanderwees, Kristen Hennessy
June 10, 2022

This innovative text addresses the lack of literature regarding intersectional approaches to psychoanalysis, underscoring the importance of thinking through race, class, and gender within psychoanalytic theory and practice. The book tackles the widespread perception of psychoanalysis today as a ...

The Marx Through Lacan Vocabulary A Compass for Libidinal and Political Economies

The Marx Through Lacan Vocabulary: A Compass for Libidinal and Political Economies

1st Edition

Edited By Christina Soto van der Plas, Edgar Miguel Juárez-Salazar, Carlos Gómez Camarena, David Pavón-Cuéllar
April 25, 2022

This text explores a set of key concepts in Marxist theory as developed and read by Lacan, demonstrating links and connections between Marxist thought and Lacanian practice. The book examines the complexity of these encounters through the structure of a comprehensive vocabulary which covers diverse...

Toward a Feminist Lacanian Left Psychoanalytic Theory and Intersectional Politics

Toward a Feminist Lacanian Left: Psychoanalytic Theory and Intersectional Politics

1st Edition

By Alicia Valdés
March 22, 2022

While traditional feminist readings on antagonism have pivoted around the sole axis of sex and/or gender, a broader and intersectional approach to antagonism is much needed; this book offers an innovative, feminist, and discursive reading on the Lacanian concept of sexual position as a way to ...

Lacan, Mortality, Life and Language Clinical and Cultural Explorations

Lacan, Mortality, Life and Language: Clinical and Cultural Explorations

1st Edition

By Berjanet Jazani
September 30, 2021

This work presents thoughts on the Lacanian subject: What are we as a speaking being? What makes us a human subject from a psychoanalytic perspective? Is it feelings and affect that make us a human? Or was it the Freudian invention of the unconscious that drew a line between human and a non-human?...

Psychoanalysis Under Nazi Occupation The Origins, Impact and Influence of the Berlin Institute

Psychoanalysis Under Nazi Occupation: The Origins, Impact and Influence of the Berlin Institute

1st Edition

By Laura Sokolowsky
September 30, 2021

Laura Sokolowsky’s survey of psychoanalysis under Weimar and Nazism explores how the paradigm of a ‘psychoanalysis for all’ became untenable as the Nazis rose to power. Mainly discussing the evolution of the Berlin Institute during the period between Freud’s creation of free psychoanalytic centres ...

Obscenity, Psychoanalysis and Literature Lawrence and Joyce on Trial

Obscenity, Psychoanalysis and Literature: Lawrence and Joyce on Trial

1st Edition

By William Simms
September 06, 2021

Obscenity, Psychoanalysis and Literature offers a fascinating psychoanalytic reading of four landmark obscenity trials involving the texts of D. H. Lawrence and James Joyce. By tracing the legal histories of Lawrence and Joyce, from censorship to their eventual redemption and transformation into ...

Schizostructuralism Divisions in Structure, Surface, Temporality, Class

Schizostructuralism: Divisions in Structure, Surface, Temporality, Class

1st Edition

By Daniel Bristow
June 21, 2021

Schizostructuralism draws together insights from psychoanalytic, structuralist, and Marxist theory, and the divisions and antagonisms that both underpin and distinguish them, to form a new psychoanalytic system. Working through the key concepts and methods in these fields, Daniel Bristow describes ...

Dolls, Photography and the Late Lacan Doubles Beyond the Uncanny

Dolls, Photography and the Late Lacan: Doubles Beyond the Uncanny

1st Edition

By Rosalinda Quintieri
December 31, 2020

In this fascinating new book, Rosalinda Quintieri addresses some of the key questions of visual theory concerning our unending fascination with simulacra by evaluating the recent return of the life-size doll in European and American visual culture. Through a focus on the contemporary photographic ...

Lacan and Critical Feminism Subjectivity, Sexuation, and Discourse

Lacan and Critical Feminism: Subjectivity, Sexuation, and Discourse

1st Edition

By Rahna McKey Carusi
December 30, 2020

This book takes a critical feminist approach to Lacan’s fundamental concepts, merging discourse and sexuation theories in a novel way for both psychoanalysis and feminism, and exploring the possibility of a feminist subject within a non-masculine logic. In Lacan and Critical Feminism, Carusi ...

Sexual Difference, Abjection and Liminal Spaces A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Abhorrence of the Feminine

Sexual Difference, Abjection and Liminal Spaces: A Psychoanalytic Approach to the Abhorrence of the Feminine

1st Edition

By Bethany Morris
July 17, 2020

This book uses an interdisciplinary approach to explore the ways in which sexual difference can be understood as an encounter with otherness through the abjected, investigating social discourses and unconscious anxieties around "monstrous" women throughout history and how they may challenge these ...

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