Theatre & Performance Chapter Sampler

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1. Chapter 1, Sound design thinking - Doing Research in Sound DesignEdited By Michael Filimowicz

2. Chapter 2, Game Audio Sound Design and creation - Unity Game Audio Implementation by Andrew Coggan

3. Chapter 3, Digital Audio Production - Audio Production Worktext by By Samuel J. Sauls, Craig A. Stark

4. Chapter 1, General advice - Performing Electronic Music Live by Kirsten Hermes

5. Chapter 2, Marketing Concepts and Definitions - Marketing Recorded Music by Tammy Donham, Amy Sue Macy, Clyde Philip Rolston

6. Chapter 2,  Preparing to Manage - Artist Management for the Music Business 3rd Edition By Paul Allen

7.  Chapter 1,  Introducing the Web Audio API - Working with the Web Audio API By Joshua Reiss

8. Chapter 3,  Audio Skills - Living the Audio Life by Brad Schiller