Roman History and Culture Chapter Sampler

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This Chapter Sampler features excerpts from each of the books below:

1.  Chapter 12: Early Roman History (753-265 BC) from An Introduction to the Ancient World by Lukas de Blois & R.J. van der Spek.

2.  Chapter 2: The Public Face of Rome from The Ancient Romans by Matthew Dillon & Lynda Garland.

3.  Chapter 3: The Rise of the Roman Empire: 12 Caesars (60 BC-AD 96) from The Romans  by Abigail Graham & Antony Kamm.

4.  Chapter 1: The Origins of Rome from The Roman World from Romulus to Muhammad by Greg Fisher.

4.  Chapter 6: Two Roman Towns: Pompeii and Ostia from Roman Architecture by Frank Sear.