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    by CRC Press

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    Analytical Techniques in Meat Science is a comprehensive compilation of all the relevant methodologies for the quality analysis of meat. The content of the book is designed to cater to requirement of meat producers, regulatory agencies, researchers, students, teachers, laboratory staff etc. It covers techniques for physico-chemical analysis, species
    identification and microbiological examination of meat. Also, it contains the latest biotechnological and proteomic techniques for meat quality evaluation. To help the reader understand better figures, tables, line diagrams, etc are used frequently whenever needed. Some important pictures are given in plates for lucid and clear understanding of the
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    1. Sampling of Meat for Physico-chemical analysis 2. Moisture Estimation in Meat 3. Meat Protein Analysis 4. Meat Lipid Analysis 5. Mineral Analysis in Meat 6. Tests for Determining Functional Properties of Meat 7. Analysis of Curing Ingredients in Meat and Meat Products 8. Tests for Determination of Keeping Quality of Meat 9. Quick Tests used for Detecting Meat Quality 10. Physico-Chemical Properties of Oils and Fats 11. Techniques for Microbiological Quality Evaluation of Meat 12. Physico-chemical Techniques for Species Identification of Meat 13. Molecular Techniques for Species Identification of Meat 14. Proteomic Tools for Meat Quality Evaluation 15. Techniques in Muscle Cell Culture 16. Detection of Chemical Residues in Meat 17. Sensory Evaluation of Meat Products 18. Techniques for Characterization of Slaughterhouse Effluent 19. Storage and Handling of Laboratory Consumables


    Dr. Vivek Vinayak Kulkarni is a Veterinarian and Ph.D in Livestock Products Technology (Meat Science). He has 30 years of professional experience and has worked in six states in various capacities. Dr.Kulkarni recently retired as Professor and Head of LTP dept in Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal (TANUVAS).

    Dr. Girish Patil, S., M.V.Sc., Ph.D., MBA is working as Principal Scientist at ICAR – National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad. The frontier areas in which he initiated research for the first time in India are meat species identification, meat traceability, application of information technology for safe meat production, organic meat production and lab grown meat production.

    Dr. Sukhadeo B Barbuddhe, M.V.Sc., Ph.D., Director, ICAR-National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad has completed B.V.Sc. and A.H. from Nagpur Veterinary College, Nagpur in 1991. Subsequently, he joined Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar for higher studies and completed M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. in 1993 and 1996, respectively. He has been working on Listeria monocytogenes since last two decades.

    Dr. Naveena B. Maheswarappa, M.V.Sc., Ph.D. is working as Principal Scientist at ICAR – National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad. He has established the proteomics laboratory at ICAR-NRC on Meat and contributed significantly in the area of high-throughput proteomic tools for understanding muscle food quality, lipid-protein interaction and identified the protein biomarkers for meat colour and texture.

    Dr. M. Muthukumar, M.V.Sc., Ph.D. is working as Principal Scientist at ICAR - National Research Centre on Meat, Hyderabad. He has 2 years of experience in integrated meat processing plants and 15 years of research, extension and teaching experience in meat science and technology. He has worked on 9 extramural projects sponsored by MoSPI, MoFPI, DBT, DADH, FSSAI, APEDA and ICAR and 22 institute projects.