1st Edition

Chia and Quinoa Superfoods for Health

By Manju Nehra, Suresh Kumar Gahlawat Copyright 2022
    150 Pages 18 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    150 Pages 18 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    150 Pages 18 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Quinoa and chia are recognized among consumers worldwide due to the wide variety of nutrients each crop provides for healthy living. These cereal crops contain bioactive compounds, are gluten-free proteins, and provide essential vitamins and minerals. Both quinoa and chia are extraordinarily adaptable to various agroecological zones and highly suited to climate change and harsh environments. Quinoa is expanding in underdeveloped countries as a superfood and its cultivation is spreading rapidly due to high global demand. Chia processing results in coproducts including noncommercial grains, partially deoiled flour, and rich fiber fraction allowing the crop to be reincorporated into the food chain.

    This book presents scientific, beneficial information on various aspects of chia and quinoa development. It discusses processing methods in quinoa and chia, their functional properties, and features analytical profiles of both crops. Information on quinoa and chia seeds for antioxidant properties and uses as superfoods is featured and effects of processing on nutritional properties, quinoa products, and chia seed products and recipes are included.

    Written for agribusiness planners, policy makers, researchers, industrialists, and farmers interested in cereal crops, this book boosts quinoa and chia production, addresses food and health security problems, increases farm outputs, and promotes food industries.

    Chapter 1.Introduction –Quinoa and Chia
    Chapter 2.Physical, Chemical, and Functional Properties of Chenopodium quinoa
    Chapter 3:Physical, Chemical, and Functional Properties of Chia
    Chapter 4:Quinoa and Chia seeds for Human Health
    Chapter 5:Chenopodium and Salvia as Functional Foods
    Chapter 6:Quinoa and Chia- Types, composition, and Therapeutic properties
    Chapter 7:Effect of Processing on Nutritional Properties of Chia and Quinoa Seeds
    Chapter 8:Quinoa products
    Chapter 9:Chia seed Products/recipes
    Chapter 10:Future aspects


    Manju Nehra, Suresh Kumar Gahlawat