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    by CRC Press

    Revised and updated to reflect the latest research and advances available, Food Biotechnology, Second Edition demonstrates the effect that biotechnology has on food production and processing. It is an authoritative and exhaustive compilation that discusses the bioconversion of raw food materials to processed products, the improvement of food quality, the importance of food safety, the design of ingredients for functional foods, and the biochemical advances made in traditional fermentation. It also provides an international perspective on the discipline as a whole.

    The content of the book is divided into three sections for easy reference. The first section provides an overview of the basic principles and explains microbial applications. The next section explains plant tissue culture techniques, genetic engineering of plants and animals, functional food ingredients and their health benefits, probiotics, antibody production for oral vaccines, and topics on enzyme technologies. The final section discusses food safety issues and the various bio-processing and fermentation biotechnologies used throughout the world.

    Food Biotechnology, Second Edition is an indispensable guide for anyone who needs to understand the latest information on food production and processing from a biotechnology perspective. 

    Food Microbiology, R. Levin
    Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, P. McCue and K.
    Fermentation Technology and Bioreactor Design, E. Raj and
       N. Karanth
    Process Developments in Solid-state Fermentation for Food
       Applications, A. Pandey and S. Ramachandran
    Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria for Food Ingredients, R. Gonzalez
    Technologies Used for Microbial Production of Food Ingredients,  
       A. Pometto and A. Demirci
    Production of Carotenoids by Gene Combination in E.coli, G.
    Production of Amino Acids: Physiological and Genetic Approaches,
       R. Kraemer
    Biotechnology of Microbial Polysaccharides in Food, I.W. Sutherland
    Genetics of Dairy Starter Cultures, D. J. O’Sullivan
    Genetic Engineering of Baker's Yeast: Challenges and Outlook, J.   
       Prieto, J. Aguilera and F. Randez-Gil
    The Biotechnology of Wine Yeast, L. Bisson
    Stress Tolerance, Metabolism and Development: The Many Flavors of
       Trehalose, M. Singer, T. Outeiro, and S. Lindquist
    Production of Pectinases and Utilization in Food Processing, K.S.
       Venkatesh and S. Umesh Kumar
    Biotechnology of Citric Acid Production, T. Roukas
    Microbial Biotechnology of Food Flavor Production, G. Feron and Y.
    Microbial Production of Oils and Fats, J. Wynn and C. Ratledge
    Potential Uses of Cyanobacterial Polysaccharides in the Food Industry,  
       J. Liu and F. Chen
    Food Applications of Algae, G. Ravishankar, R. Sarada, B. Sandesh,
       and K. Namitha
    Butanol Production from Agricultural Biomass, N. Qureshi and H.
    Methods in Plant Tissue Culture, H. Nunez-Palenius, D. Cantliffe, H.
       Klee, N. Ochoa-Alejo, R. Ramirez-Malagon, and E. Perez-Molphe.
    Clonal Screening and Sprout-based Bioprocessing of Phenolic
       Phytochemicals for Functional Foods, K. Shetty, F. Clydesdale, and
       D. Vattem
    Genomic Basis for Food Plant Improvement, G. Olmedo, S. Parra, and
       P. Guzman
    Molecular Design of Soy Proteins for Enhanced Food Quality, N.
       Maruyama, E. Tecson,-Mendoza, Y. Maruyama, M. Adachi, and S.
    Starch Biosynthesis for Food Applications, P. Keeling
    Bioprocessing of starch using enzyme technology, K. Ravi Kumar and
       S. Umesh Kumar
    Genetic Modification of Plant Oils for Food Uses, A. Kinney
    Molecular Biotechnology for Nutraceutical Enrichemnt by Food Crops—
       The Case of Minerals and Vitamins, O. Paredes-Lopez and J. Osuna-
    Potential Health Benefits of Soybean Isoflavonoids and Related
       Phenolic Antioxidants, P. McCue and K. Shetty
    Functional Phytochemicals from Cranberries: Their Mechanism of
       Action and Strategies to Improve Functionality, D. Vattem and K.
    Rosmarinic Acid Biosynthesis and Mechanism of Action, K. Shetty
    Bioprocessing Strategies to Enhance L-DOPA and Phenolic
       Antioxidants in Fava Bean (Vicia faba), K. Shetty, R. Randhir, P.
    Phytochemicals and Breast Cancer Chemoprevention, S. Smith-
       Schneider, L. Roberts, and K. Shetty
    Biotechnology in Wine Industry, M. Oke, G. Paliyath, and K. Fisher
    Biotechnology of Non-nutritive Sweetners, R. Randhir and K. Shetty
    Biotechnological Approaches to Improve Nutritional Quality and Shelf
       Life of Fruits and Vegetables, R. Pinhero and G. Paliyath
    Genetic Modification of Peanut as a Solution to Peanut Allergy, H. Dodo, K. Koran, and O. Viquez
    Recombinant Lipoxygenases and Oxylipin Metabolism in Relation to
       Food Quality, R. Casey and R. Hughes
    Genetic Modification of Production Traits in Farm Animals, V. Pursel
    Enzyme Technology for the Dairy Industry, K. Kilcawley
    Egg Yolk Antibody Farming for Passive Immunotherapy, J. Kovacs-
      Nolan and Y. Mine
    Application of Transgenic Fish Technology in Sea Food Production,
       P. Chiou, J. Khoo, and T. Chen
    The Production, Properties and Utilization of Fish Protein Hydrolysates,
       H. Kristinsson
    Human Gut Microflora in Health and Disease: Focus on Prebiotics,
       T. Casci, R. Rastall, and G. Gibson
    Immunomodulating Effects of Lactic Acid Bacteria, H. Christensen and
       H. Frokiaer
    Biochemical Markers for Antioxidant Functionality, D. Vattem and
       K. Shetty
    Enzymatic Synthesis of Oligosaccharides: Progress and Recent
       Trends, V. Maitin, and R. Rastall
    Molecular Evolution of Diversity of Foodborne Pathogens, K. Windham,
       K. Kerr Nightingale, and M. Wiedmann
    Genetics and Physiology of Pathogenicity in Food-borne Pathogens,
       M. Gray and K. Boor
    Biofilms Production by Listeria Monocytogenes, W. Shaw and
       L. McLandsborough
    Application of Microbial Molecular Techniques to Food Systems, R.
    Control of Food-borne Bacterial Pathogens in Animals and Animal
       Products through Microbial Antagonism, M. Brashears, A. Amezquita,
       and D. Jaroni
    Bacteriocins: Antimicrobial Activity and Applications, A. Naidu, R. Unal,
       and J. Tulpinski
    Genetic Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptides, H. Hu, M. Moake,
       and R. Worobo
    Phenolic Antimicrobials from Plants for Control of Bacterial Pathogens, 
       K. Shetty and Y. Lin
    Genetic Mechanisms Involved in Regulation of Mycotoxin Biosynthesis,
       M. Miller & J. Linz
    Application of ELISA assays for Detection and Quantitation of Toxins in
       Foods, R. Levin
    Biosensors for Food Quality Assessment, M. Del Carlo, M. Nistor, D.
       Campagnone, B. Mattiasson, and E. Csoregi
    Enzymatic Bioprocessing of Tropical Seafood Wastes, R. Chakrabarti
    Cold Active Enzymes in Food Processing, R. Hatti-Kaul, H. Birgisson,
       and B. Mattiassonl
    Biotransformations as Applicable to Food Industries, B. Suresh, T. Ritu,
       and G. Ravishankar
    Solid-state Bioprocessing for Functional Food Ingredients and Food
       Waste Remediation, K. Shetty
    Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of Africa, N. Olasupo
    Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of China, Z. Zheng, C.
       Wang, and Y. Zheng
    Fermentation Biotechnology of Traditional Foods of the Indian Sub-
       continent, E. Rao, S. Vijayendra, and M. Varadaraj
    Fermentation Biotechnology of Plant-based Traditional Foods of the
       Middle East and Mediterranean Region, P. Kotzekidou and E.
    Fermentation Biotechnology of Animal Based Traditional Foods of the
       Middle East and Mediterranean Region, E. Tsakalidou and P.
    Anaerobic Processes for the Treatment of Food Processing Wastes, 
       R. Korus
    Interantional Aspects of the Quality and Safety Assessment of Foods
       Derived by Modern Biotechnology, R. Lupian
    Patenting Inventions in Food Biotechnology, R. Crespi
    “… integrated biochemistry, microbiology, genetic engineering, and chemical engineering for the enhanced production, processing and preservation of food products. … explores the latest research and advances in the impact of biotechnology in food production and processing. … In conclusion, this volume is an authoritative and illustrative compilation of different issues related to food biotechnology and would be excellent source of information on food production and processing from a biotechnology perspective, not only to the academicians but also to the persons working in industry.”
    — John F. Kennedy, Parmjit S. Panesar, Chembiotech Laboratories, Institute of Research and Development, University of Birmingham Research Park, UK, in Carbohydrate Polymers, No.65, 2006