1st Edition

Handbook of Functional Dairy Products

Edited By Colette Shortt, John O'Brien Copyright 2004
    312 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Functional dairy products have been the focus of intense research and product development over the last two decades. At last, this valuable information has been compiled into one resource that reveals key advances in functional dairy ingredients and products and identifies directions for marketing and product development.
    Handbook of Functional Dairy Products explores the product development process and the market dynamics driving product innovation. Chapters examine specific ingredients and products, safety and technology issues, the impact of biotechnology, the regulatory environment, and the communication of health benefits. Emphasis is placed on the potential contribution of functional dairy products in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, and includes in-depth discussions of the selection, production, and benefits of probiotics, dairy-derived carbohydrates and prebiotics, bioactive peptides, the immune modulating effects of dairy ingredients, the health effects of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and calcium and iron fortification.
    With a wealth of new research findings and insightful guidance for food product developers, this comprehensive reference is a must for everyone involved in the science, development, and marketing of functional dairy products.

    Overview of Opportunities for Health Enhancing Functional Dairy Products, Colette Shortt, Daniella Shaw, Giuseppe Mazza
    Successful Probiotic Lactobacilli: Human Studies on Probiotic Efficacy, Seppo Salminen, Martin Playne, Yuan Kun Lee
    Successful Probiotic Bifidobacteria, John Marks
    Lactose Intolerance and Low-Lactose Dairy Products, Tuula Tuure, Riitta Korpela
    Trans-Galactooligosaccharides as Prebiotics, Glenn Gibson, Bodun Rabiu, Catherine E. Rycroft, Robert A. Rastall
    Milk-Derived Bioactive Peptides: Formation and Prospects for Health Promotion, Hannu Korhonen, Anne Pihlanto-Leppälä
    Immune Modulation by Dairy Ingredients: Potential for Improving Health, Graham Knowles, Harsharn Gill
    Conjugated Linoleic Acid, David Kritchevsky
    Calcium Bioavailability of Dairy Products, David D. Kitts, Wendy Kwong
    , L.R. Juneja, N. Sakaguchi, R. Yamaguchi, H. Nanbu
    European Perspective on the Development of a Health Claim Dossier for a Functional Dairy Product, Gertjan Schaafsma, Jean Feord
    Communicating the Science Behind the Health Benefits of Dairy Products: The American Experience, Allison Madell, Denise Webb, Gregory D. Miller
    Biotechnology of Food Cultures for the Nutritional Enhancement of Milk and Dairy Products, Eoin Barrett, Catherine Stanton, Gerald Fitzgerald, and R. Paul Ross
    The Safety Evaluation of Functional Dairy Foods, John O’Brien


    Shortt\, Colette; O'Brien\, John

    ”…this book is an extremely useful addition…in that not only does it provide an up-to-date review of the potential value of ingesting functional dairy foods, but it seeks also to look at this information as it might be viewed by the media, consumers, and the food industry...this book raises some of the issues that need to be addressed.”
    — International Journal of Dairy Technology, May 2005

    “There are copious figures and tables, which are well labeled and effectively support the text. Information derived from other sources is well documented. There is a comprehensive index with “see also” references.”
      — E-Streams, September 2004

    “This book is one of a very few that address functional dairy products in human nutrition by using leading edge scientific research to lead the discussion…Written and edited at a high scholarly level, this title should be of interest to those interested in research trends in functional foods, to food manufacturers who are developing functional diary foods, and to libraries that collect for food and dairy scientists.”
    — Journal of Agricultural & Food Information, Vol. 5, No. 2, 2003