1st Edition

Novel Approaches in Biopreservation for Food and Clinical Purposes

    274 Pages 3 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The aim of "Novel Approaches in Biopreservation for Food and Clinical Purposes" is to provide cutting-edge information on biopreservation methods for both food and medical applications. The book has one chapter dedicated to each major food category (milk and dairy, vegetables, meat, fish, bread, flours and beverages) and brief chapters covering preservation approaches for pharmaceuticals, embryos, gametes, cells and tissues. This book assumes a basic understanding of microbiology and food science, aiming to offer an overview of the most commonly and updated techniques currently used, including protective cultures and fermentation starters, bacterial metabolites, essential oils, bacteriophages or endolysins. By presenting this comprehensive overview, the book aims to advance knowledge in the field of biopreservation and foster its implementation in both food and clinical contexts.

    Introduction to Biopreservation

    Sara Arbulu and Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez

    Biopreservation of Milk and Dairy Products

    Lucía Fernández, Susana Escobedo, Ana Catarina Duarte, Seila Agún, Claudia Rendueles, Pilar García, Ana Rodríguez and Beatriz Martínez

    Biopreservation of Vegetables

    Bárbara Ramos, Teresa R.S. Brandão, Paula Teixeira and Cristina L.M. Silva

    Biopreservation in Meat and Meat Products

    Annada Das, Dipanwita Bhattacharya, Pramod Kumar Nanda, Santanu Nath and Arun K. Das

    Biopreservation of Fish

    Vida Šimat, Federica Barbieri, Chiara Montanari, Fausto Gardini, Danijela Skroza, Ivana Generalić Mekinić, Fatih Ozogul, Yesim Ozogul and Giulia Tabanelli

    Biopreservation in Flours and Bread

    Biljana Kovacevik, Sanja Kostadinović Veličkovska, Tuba Esatbeyoglu, Aleksandar Cvetkovski, Muhammad Qamar and João Miguel Rocha

    Biopreservation of Beverages

    Suchi Parvin Biki and Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez

    Biopreservation in Medicines

    Sanjogta Thapa Magar

    Biopreservation of Cells and Tissues

    Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez

    Biopreservation of Gametes and Embryos against Microbiological Risk

    José Luis Girela López and Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez


    Dr. Enriqueta Garcia-Gutierrez, Dr. Natalia Gomez-Torres and Dr. Sara Arbulu are the editors of “Novel Approaches in Biopreservation for Food and Clinical Purposes”. They have developed their careers studying different aspects of food biopreservation in prestigious international food research centres and universities across Europe. In this book, they aim to make the new advances in food and clinical biopreservation accessible for those with interest in the area.