1st Edition

Onions and Allied Crops 3 volume set

    Originally published in 1990, Onions and Allied Crops, is a comprehensive account of the edible allium, examined across three volumes. The collection examines the major economic and dietary importance of edible alliums in most countries, and brings together contributions from experts across multiple disciplines, including food scientists, economists, agriculturalists and biochemists. These books address selection and breeding of locally adapted cultivars and the development of cultural techniques, allowing for cultivation across the tropics, to the sub-arctic regions. As such the collection examines the allium as a major agricultural asset and the impact this has had on many economies.  These volumes will be of use and of interest to food scientists, economists, agriculturalists and biochemists alike.

    Volume I: Botany, Physiology, and Genetics 

    Volume II: Agronomy Biotic Interactions 

    Volume III: Biochemistry, Food Science, and Minor Crops


    Hugh J. Field.