1st Edition

Remember Your Humanity Pathway to Sustainable Food Security

By M.S. Swaminathan Copyright 2022

    A well-known writer and speaker in forums all over the world, a list of Dr. Swaminathan’s writings and speeches goes to over 50 . This book collects together some of his more recent observations, edited for publication. It is evident from the range of issues discussed that the author’s mission in life is to foster a movement of hope and peace by eradicating hunger and poverty, for humankind to live in harmony with nature. Swaminathan stresses that sustainable development must be firmly rooted in the principles of ecology, social and gender equity, employment generation, and economic potential.
    Note: T&F does not sell or distribute the hardback in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This title is co-published with NIPA.

    1. Remember Your Humanity

    2. Ethics and Science

    3. Four Pillars of Sustainable Human Happiness

    4. Norman Borlaug and His Fight against Hunger

    5. Bridging the Digital Divide: Empowering the People

    6. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend for Agricultural Rejuvenation

    7. Legislation for Food Security

    8. How to Resolve the Crisis of Indian Agriculture

    9. Gandhiji’s Plea for a Hunger Free India: Current Reality and Way to Progress

    10. Wheat Imports and Food Security

    11. Distribute, Procure, Store and Sow – Steps to Food Security

    12. Sustainable Food Security: Pre-requisites for Success

    13. Pathway for Food Security for All

    14. Biodiversity and Poverty Alleviation

    15. Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Security

    16. Priorities in Agricultural Research and Education

    17. Managing Anticipated Food Crises

    18. To the Hungry, God is Bread

    19. The Wheat Mountains of the Punjab

    20. Fish for All and For Ever

    21. Leveraging Agriculture for Improving Nutrition and Health

    22. GM Food Crops: Risks and Benefits

    23. Land Rush and Food Security in an Era of Climate Change

    24. Darwinism in a Warming Planet

    25. Climate and Food Security

    26. Maximising the Benefit of a Good Monsoon

    27. Building Sustainable Water Security Systems

    28. Drought Management for Rural Livelihood Security

    29. Privatisation of Food and Water Security Systems: An Unequal Social Bargain

    30. Shaping the Future of Agriculture in Northeastern India

    31. Towards Vidarbha’s Agricultural Renaissance

    32. Science’s Role in Stimulating West Bengal’s Agricultural Performance

    33. Singur and Our Socio-Economic Future

    34. From Vision to Impact


    M.S. Swaminathan, Retired