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Routledge Advances in Translation and Interpreting Studies

About the Series

This series is our home for innovative research in the field of translation studies. It includes monographs and targeted edited collections that provide new insights into this important and evolving subject area.

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The Role of Language in the Climate Change Debate

The Role of Language in the Climate Change Debate

1st Edition

Edited By Kjersti Flottum
July 12, 2019

This volume takes a distinctive look at the climate change debate, already widely studied across a number of disciplines, by exploring the myriad linguistic and discursive perspectives and approaches at play in the climate change debate as represented in a variety of genres. The book focuses on key...

Translation and Public Policy Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Case Studies

Translation and Public Policy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Case Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Gabriel González Núñez, Reine Meylaerts
July 12, 2019

This book brings together an ensemble of leading voices from the fields of economics, language policy, law, political philosophy, and translation studies. They come together to provide theoretical perspectives and practical case studies regarding a shared concern: translation policy. Their timely ...

Untranslatability Goes Global

Untranslatability Goes Global

1st Edition

Edited By Suzanne Jill Levine, Katie Lateef-Jan
July 12, 2019

This collection brings together contributions from translation theorists, linguists, and literary scholars to promote interdisciplinary dialogue about untranslatability and its implications within the context of globalization. The chapters depart from the pragmatics of translation practice and move...

Using Computers in the Translation of Literary Style Challenges and Opportunities

Using Computers in the Translation of Literary Style: Challenges and Opportunities

1st Edition

By Roy Youdale
June 24, 2019

This volume argues for an innovative interdisciplinary approach to the analysis and translation of literary style, based on a mutually supportive combination of traditional close reading and ‘distant’ reading, involving corpus-linguistic analysis and text-visualisation. The book contextualizes this...

Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan

Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan

1st Edition

Edited By Beverley Curran, Nana Sato-Rossberg, Kikuko Tanabe
June 07, 2019

Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan offers a collection of essays that (1) deepens the understanding of the cultural and linguistic diversity of communities in contemporary Japan and how translation operates in this shifting context and circulates globally by looking at some of ...

Translating the Visual A Multimodal Perspective

Translating the Visual: A Multimodal Perspective

1st Edition

By Rachel Weissbrod, Ayelet Kohn
April 29, 2019

This book offers insights into the translation and adaptation of illustrated texts in an era in which visual texts are perceived as a dominant perceptual frame for interpreting social and cultural phenomena. Using source texts including illustrated books, comics, graphic novels and animated films, ...

Hybrid Englishes and the Challenges of and for Translation Identity, Mobility and Language Change

Hybrid Englishes and the Challenges of and for Translation: Identity, Mobility and Language Change

1st Edition

Edited By Karen Bennett, Rita Queiroz de Barros
March 18, 2019

This volume problematizes the concept and practice of translation in an interconnected world in which English, despite its hegemonic status, can no longer be considered a coherent unified entity but rather a mobile resource subject to various kinds of hybridization. Drawing upon recent work in the ...

A Sociological Approach to Poetry Translation Modern European Poet-Translators

A Sociological Approach to Poetry Translation: Modern European Poet-Translators

1st Edition

By Jacob S. D. Blakesley
November 07, 2018

This volume provides an in-depth comparative study of translation practices and the role of the poet-translator across different countries and in so doing, demonstrates the need for poetry translation to be extended beyond close reading and situated in context. Drawing on a corpus composed of data ...

Complexity Thinking in Translation Studies Methodological Considerations

Complexity Thinking in Translation Studies: Methodological Considerations

1st Edition

Edited By Kobus Marais, Reine Meylaerts
November 05, 2018

This volume highlights a range of perspectives on the ways in which complexity thinking might be applied in translation studies, focusing in particular on methods to achieve this. The book introduces the topic with a brief overview of the history and conceptualization of complexity thinking. The ...

A (Bio)Semiotic Theory of Translation The Emergence of Social-Cultural Reality

A (Bio)Semiotic Theory of Translation: The Emergence of Social-Cultural Reality

1st Edition

By Kobus Marais
October 22, 2018

This volume outlines a theory of translation, set within the framework of Peircean semiotics, which challenges the linguistic bias in translation studies by proposing a semiotic theory that accounts for all instances of translation, not only interlinguistic translation. In particular, the volume ...

Perspectives on Retranslation Ideology, Paratexts, Methods

Perspectives on Retranslation: Ideology, Paratexts, Methods

1st Edition

Edited By Özlem Berk Albachten, Şehnaz Tahir Gürçağlar
September 17, 2018

Perspectives on Retranslation: Ideology, Paratexts, Methods explores retranslation from a variety of aspects and reflects methodological and theoretical developments in the field. Featuring eleven chapters, each offering a unique approach, the book presents a well-rounded analysis of contemporary ...

Translating Feminism in China Gender, Sexuality and Censorship

Translating Feminism in China: Gender, Sexuality and Censorship

1st Edition

By Zhongli Yu
September 27, 2018

This book explores translation of feminism in China through examining several Chinese translations of two typical feminist works: The Second Sex (TSS, Beauvoir 1949/1952) and The Vagina Monologues (TVM, Ensler 1998). TSS exposes the cultural construction of woman while TVM reveals the pervasiveness...

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