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Routledge Critical Advertising Studies

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Routledge Critical Advertising Studies tracks the profound changes that have taken place in the field of advertising. Presenting thought-provoking scholarship from both prominent scholars and emerging researchers, these groundbreaking short form publications cover cutting-edge research concerns and contemporary issues within the field. Titles in the series explore emerging trends, present detailed case studies and offer new assessments of topics such as branded content, economic surveillance, product placement, gender in marketing, and promotional screen media. Responding quickly to the latest developments in the field, the series is intellectually compelling, refreshingly open, provocative and action-oriented.

Anyone interested in contributing to the series should contact the series editor Jonathan Hardy at [email protected].

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Branded Entertainment in Korea

Branded Entertainment in Korea

1st Edition

By Hyunsun Yoon
May 27, 2024

Branded Entertainment in Korea examines the varied texts and wider context of branded entertainment and related advertising and marketing communications practices in Korea. The book discusses the origins, development, current state, ethics, and regulations of branded entertainment in Korea, ...

African Luxury Branding From Soft Power to Queer Futures

African Luxury Branding: From Soft Power to Queer Futures

1st Edition

By Mehita Iqani
December 23, 2022

Bringing together critical race, queer and decolonial analytical approaches, visual analysis, and multimodal discourse analysis, this book explores the discursive strategies deployed by African luxury brands in an age of cross-platform, intertextual branding. Building on literature examining the ...

Consumer Society and Ecological Crisis

Consumer Society and Ecological Crisis

1st Edition

By Leslie M. Meier
December 15, 2022

Consumer Society and Ecological Crisis advances a critique of consumer capitalism and its role in driving environmental degradation and climate crisis, placing a spotlight on how marketing and distribution activities help maintain unsustainable levels of consumption. Rather than focusing on the ...

Branding Diversity New Advertising and Cultural Strategies

Branding Diversity: New Advertising and Cultural Strategies

1st Edition

By Susie Khamis
February 10, 2020

Branding Diversity considers how brands both reflect and affect contemporary discussions of cultural diversity. Advancing an innovative, critical perspective on advertising, the book challenges the latent assumption that advertisers are inherently conservative and reluctant to represent anything ...

Branded Entertainment and Cinema The Marketisation of Italian Film

Branded Entertainment and Cinema: The Marketisation of Italian Film

1st Edition

By Gloria Dagnino
December 05, 2019

The history of Italian cinema is mostly regarded as a history of Italian auteurs. This book takes a different standpoint, looking at Italian cinema from the perspective of an unusual, but influential actor: advertisers. From the iconic Vespa scooter and the many other Made in Italy products ...

Alternate Reality Games Promotion and Participatory Culture

Alternate Reality Games: Promotion and Participatory Culture

1st Edition

By Stephanie Janes
August 15, 2019

Using textual analysis, interviews with game designers, audience surveys, and close analysis of player forum discussion, this book examines the unique nature of the producer/consumer relationship within promotional Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). Historically, ARGs are rooted in advertising as ...

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