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Essential STEM SkillsEssential STEM Skills

Studying a STEM subject can help students develop a wide range of essential skills for their careers. This infographic showcases those skills, helping students see the valuable skills they are gaining.

Creativity in STEM chapter samplerCreativity in STEM Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler brings together chapters that demonstrate the importance of creativity in teaching and research across STEM fields.


Biology proteins black background How to Introduce Students to Protein Structural Biology

Written by Amit Kessel and Nir Ben-Tal, authors of Introduction to Proteins: Structure, Function, and Motion.


Test tubes-DNA symbol-Tablet Screen Introducing Students to Systems Biology

Written by Karthik Raman, Author of An Introduction to Computational Systems Biology


Cloud Computer Why Teach About The Cloud?

Written by Douglas Comer, Author of The Cloud Computing Book


Blue circuit cloud How to Introduce Your Students to IoT Analytics

Written by Harry G. Perros, Author of An Introduction to IoT Analytics


Glowing tree meets circuit on dark background The Dark Forest - Psychometric Weapons in Cyberspace

Written by John Rust, Co-Author of Modern Psychometrics


Future Proofing STEM Education in a Changing World (Webinar Recording)

Future Proofing STEM Education in a Changing World, a live webinar-based panel discussion with Taylor & Francis authors. We consider how universities tackle the changing world in STEM industries. How does this affect degree content, student education and the instructor's role? Watch the webinar now.


Bestselling Computer Science Textbooks (Chapter Sampler)

The Computer Science Textbook Chapter Sampler showcases some of the bestselling textbooks in the field. Download your copy here.