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Public History: A Textbook of PracticeHow to Make History (More) Public

In this blog Thomas Cauvin, author of Public History: A Textbook In Practice, explores what is meant by 'public history', and how we can go about making history more accessible to the public.    


Public History: A Textbook of PracticeAuthor Interview: Thomas Cauvin on Public History

In this interview Thomas Cauvin, author of Public History: A Textbook in Practice, explores the development of public history, the impact of digital technologies on the future of the field. He also discusses the importance of public history training for students wanting to work in the field.    

a lit tealight on a dark background How to Teach About Nonviolence in a Violent World

Jeffery D. Long, co-author of Violence in the World's Religions, looks at how lecturers should approach the issue of violence in religion in the classroom.    

Digital Humanities chapter sampler Digital Humanities Chapter Sampler

This chapter sampler on Digital Humanities incorporates chapters from some of Routledge's titles in the field. Enter your details to download your free copy.   


Feminist Philosophy book cover Author Interview: Elinor Mason on Feminist Philosophy

Elinor Mason, author of Feminist Philosophy: An Introduction, explores the themes of her new book, looking at the key themes of the study of feminism through a philosophical viewpoint. 


World Prehistory and Archaeology Exchanges with Authors: Michael Chazan (World Prehistory and Archaeology)

Michael Chazan, author of World Prehistory and Archaeology, discusses the book's new edition and offers advice for students and instructors using the book.   

An old style American barn in some fields A Bitter Harvest: Immigration Law and Migrant Farm Labor

In the light of the new Farm Workforce Modernization Act passed in the U.S., Kristen Anderson, author of Immigration in American History, examines the recent history of Mexican migrant farm labor in the U.S.  

stained glass pattern Routledge Medieval Portal

This portal brings together online resources from across our entire medieval list to support the study of the Middle Ages across History, Literature, Archaeology, Religion, Area Studies and more. 

a protester holds a loudspeaker and waves a placard The Surprising History of Religion, Violence, and Social Protest

Tobin Miller Shearer examines the history of religious involvement in social protest and the consequences of such protests. 

silhouettes of children Childhood and the State: building the connections

One of the striking features of modern childhood – variously dating back to the 19th century – is the growing interest of the state in the child. In this article, Peter N. Stearns, explores the history of the States influence on childhood. 

clouds against a sunset How to Promote Religious Tolerance in the Classroom

One of the challenges facing Americans today is establishing religious tolerance. Where do we begin? One place to start is in the classroom. “The Cognitive Science of Religion”, affords educators a new theoretical framework to teach students about religion.


film clapperboard on a yellow background How Allegations of Abuse Shape Aesthetic Understanding: Joss Whedon: Fallen 'Angel'

Mary Beth Willard, author of Why It's OK to Enjoy the Work of Immoral Artists, discusses how the moral wrongdoing of artists sometimes force us to re-evaluate the aesthetic value of their artworks.


man relaxes in hammock with a book Sweatpants & the Limits of Freedom: What Working from Home Attire Says About the Nature of Leisure

What does our pandemic attire say about leisure? Is dressing like a slob going to deliver us from the tyranny of a turbo-charged work ethic?