2nd Edition

Handbook of Food Process Modeling and Statistical Quality Control

By Mustafa Ozilgen Copyright 2011
    704 Pages 276 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Presenting mathematical prerequisites in summary tables, this book explains fundamental techniques of mathematical modeling processes essential to the food industry. The author focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of modeling techniques, rather than the finer mathematical points. Topics covered include modeling of transport phenomena, kinetic processes, and food engineering operations. The book also discusses statistical process analysis and quality control. It includes examples from almost every conceivable food process, most of which are based on real data given in the many references. Each example is followed by a clear, step-by-step worked solution.

    Introduction to Process Modeling
    The Property Balance
    What is Process Modeling?
    Empirical Models and Linear Regression

    Transport Phenomena Models

    The Differential General Property Balance Equation
    Equation of Continuity
    Equation of Energy
    Equation of Motion
    Theories for Liquid Transport Coefficients
    Analytical Solutions to Ordinary Differential Equations
    Transport Phenomena Models Involving Partial Differential Equations
    Chart Solutions to Unsteady State Conduction Problem.
    Interfacial Mass Transfer
    Rheological Modeling
    The Engineering Bernoulli Equation
    Laplace Transformations in Mathematical Modeling.
    Numerical Methods in Mathematical Modeling

    Kinetic Modeling
    Kinetics and Food Processing
    The Rate Expression
    Why Do the Chemicals React?
    Temperature Effects on the Reaction Rates
    Precision of Reaction Rate Constant and Activation Energy Determinations
    Enzyme Catalyzed Reaction Kinetics.
    Analogy Kinetic Models
    Metabolic Process Engineering
    Microbial Kinetics
    Kinetics of Microbial Death
    Ideal Reactor Design

    Mathematical Modeling in Food Engineering Operations

    Thermal Process Modeling
    Moving Boundary and Other Transport Phenomena Models for Processes Involving Phase Change
    Kinetic Modeling of Crystallization Processes
    Unit Operation Models

    Statistical Process Analysis and Quality Control

    Statistical Quality Control
    Statistical Process Analysis
    Quality Control Charts for Measurements
    Quality Control Charts for Attributes
    Acceptance Sampling by Attributes
    Standard Sampling Plans for Attributes
    HACCP and FMEA Principles
    Quality Assurance and Improvement Through Mathematical Modeling



    Mustafa Ozilgen