1st Edition

Handbook of Nanoencapsulation Preparation, Characterization, Delivery, and Safety of Nutraceutical Nanocomposites

    338 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Nutraceutical encapsulation envelopes protection of products from oxidative damage, controlled delivery of nanoencapsulated nutraceuticals and improved nutraceutical bioavailability as well as biological action. It is a promising technique to ensure the stabilization of such labile compounds and to protect the core ingredients from premature reactions and interactions In a comprehensive manner, the Handbook of Nanoencapsulation: Preparation, Characterization, Delivery and Safety of Nutraceutical Nanocomposites presents various nanosystems/nanocarriers, physical and chemical techniques used in encapsulation of various nutraceuticals, and the targeted delivery of various significant nutraceuticals.

    This book bridges the gap between academia and research as it encompasses the ubiquitous applications of nanoencapsulation technique used on significant nutraceuticals derived from plants, animals as well as microalgae.

    Key Features:

    • Provides a quick and easy access to major plant, animal and microalgae derived nutraceutical ingredients
    • Discusses nanoencapsulation techniques for protection and targeted release of various food bioactive ingredients
    • Covers safety, bioaccessibility and multiple applications of nanoencapsulated nutraceuticals in the food industry

    Unveiling pivotal aspects of nanoencapsulation of significant nutraceuticals, this book is a valuable resource for researchers, food toxicologists, food scientists, nutritionists, and scientists in medicinal research.

    Chapter 1 An Overview of Various Nano Systems for Encapsulating Nutraceuticals

    Mohammed Shafiq Alam, Maninder Kaur, Jasmeet Kour

    Chapter 2 Technical Approaches for encapsulation of nutraceuticals: Mechanical, Physical and Chemical

    Vikas Bansal,Monica Premi, Mukul Kolish, Vishal Sharma, Seema Sharma

    Chapter 3 Characterization of manifold novel polymers used in encapsulation

    Nargis Yousf, Mudasir Bashir Mir, Furheen Amin, Reshu Rajput

    Chapter 4 Recent development in nanoencapsulation of β-sitosterol and γ-oryzanol and food fortification

    Monika Choudhary, Amarjeet Kaur, Prabhjot Kaur

    Chapter 5 Characterization of nanocomposites for curcumin

    Anindita Paul, Rohan Sarkar, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Pushpendra Koli, Aditi kundu, Supradip Saha

    Chapter 6 Bioavailability Constraints of Nanoencapsulated Oils From Chia Seeds And Fish Oils

    Rosy Bansal, Renu Sharma, Kawaljeet Kaur

    Chapter 7 Development and characterization of nano-composite for organic acids

    Prerna Gupta, Tanu Malik, Rhythm Kalsi, Jasleen Kaur

    Chapter 8 An Insight on Nanoencapsulation Techniques and safety of Bioactives from Microalgae

    Renu Sharma, Bharti Mittu, Kawaljeet Kour, Jasmeet Kour, Mahaldeep Kaur

    Chapter 9 Techniques and processes involved in nanoencapsulation of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids

    Jessica Pandohee, Yakindra Prasad Timilsena, Jadala Shankaraswamy, Lisa F. M. Lee Nen That

    Chapter 10 Mineral Nanoencapsulation

    Sangeeta, Hitesh Chopra, Gagandeep

    Chapter 11 Nanoencapsulation of different bioactiveisoprenoids

    Syeda Saniya Zahra, Kawaljeet Kaur

    Chapter 12 Nano-encapsulation and targeted delivery of different enzymes

    Varun Kumar, Mohamad Anis

    Chapter 13 Nanoencapsulated probiotics and probiotics

    Lisa F. M. Lee Nen That, Emmanuel Kyereh, Francisca Aba Ansah, Jessica Pandohee

    Chapter 14 Trends and future perspectives in nanoencapsulation of plant-basedpolyphenolics (flavonoids, Anthocyanins, tannins)

    Sakshi Thakur, Garima Bhardwaj, Vishal Mutreja, Ajay Sharma


    Jasmeet Kour, Bhaskar Jyoti