Nutraceuticals for Aging and Anti-Aging : Basic Understanding and Clinical Evidence book cover
1st Edition

Nutraceuticals for Aging and Anti-Aging
Basic Understanding and Clinical Evidence

ISBN 9780367614942
Published November 26, 2021 by CRC Press
750 Pages 55 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Aging can be perceived differently during different times in one’s life. Aging as a process not only influences medical and economic dimensions at an individual level but also at societal and national levels. Aging is a natural process; however, its standard definition in a healthcare context is yet unclear. To delay the aging process and to maintain quality of life until the end of life are two goals of prime importance. Various healthcare approaches are being developed and experimented on to best manage aging as if it is a disease.

Nutraceuticals are value-added dietary supplement products and have an immense potential in altering key structures and functions of aging. Nutraceuticals can be a keystone in altering sub-normal performing physiological and metabolic systems due to aging. Nutraceuticals for Aging and Anti-Aging: Basic Understanding and Clinical Evidence addresses aging and anti-aging nutraceuticals based on 10 major challenges, such as cognitive health, malnutrition, substance abuse, bladder control, and oral health, among others. It examines how these challenges can be complemented with nutraceuticals and connects the applications with the traditional wisdom of the aging process.  

Key Features

  • Examines the aging process, then recommends nutraceuticals for aging and anti-aging processes
  • Describes the aging process from the western perspective, and Ayurvedic medicine (Indian traditional system) and traditional Chinese medicine perspectives
  • Provides, whenever possible, the clinical evidence of the applications of nutraceuticals for aging and anti-aging  

This book is a valuable resource for physicians, clinical experts, pharmaceutical companies and their experts, nutrition specialists, entrepreneurs, chemists, pharmacists, food chemists-technologists, as well as researchers and post-graduate students involved in these specialties.

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Table of Contents

1. Trends in the Functional Food Market and Nutraceutical Product Development. 2. Importance of Integrative Health Sciences in Antiaging Nutraceutical Development. 3. Ayurvedic Perspective of Aging and Antiaging with Special Reference to Rasayana. 4. Changes in the Regulation of Energy Metabolism with Ageing Nutraceutical Applications. 5. Neurodegenerative and cognition Losses during Aging (Memory) and Nutraceuticals. 6. Nutraceutical Activation of the Transcription Factor Nrf2 and a Potential Approach for Modulation of Aging. 7. Neutraceuticals Against Neurodegeneration: Understanding the Mechanistic Pathways. 8. Dietary Suppliments and Nutraceuticals in the Management of Endocrine Disorders, Endocrinological Challenges in Aging and Nutraceuticals. 9. Molecular Mechanisims to Understand Aging and Immune Function and Nutraceutical Interventions. 10. A Transdisciplinary Approach for Ocular Aging Based on Nutritional Principles in Ayurveda. 11. Nutritional Psychiatry as Basis of Nutraceutical Development for Mental Illness in Aging Population. 12. Skeletomuscular Losses in Aging and Nutraceuticals. 13. Nutritional Psychiatry in Aging: Leads from Ayurveda with Clinical Evidence. 14. Epigenetics and Aging. 15. Cancer during Aging and Nutraceuticals for Prevention and Mitigation. 16. Gastrointestinal Tract and Digestion Challenges in Aging and Nutraceuticals 17. Oro-Dental Challenges during Aging and Nutraceuticals. 18. Role of Nutraceuticals in Human Postnatal Stem Cell Ageing. 19. Nutraceuticals and Challenges Faced by Aging Populations in U.S. Nursing Homes. 20. Neurodegenerative Mechanistic Pathways with Focus on Ayurveda Point of View and Applications of Nutraceuticals. 21. Regulations and Intellectual Property Rights in Anti-aging Nutraceuticals. 22. Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals inthe Management of Endocrine Disorders. 23. Disorders of the Urogenital System in Aging and Nutraceuticals. 24. Nutrient Supplements in the Treatment of Mental Disorders in the Aging Population. 25. Safety and Efficacy Determination in Antiaging Nutraceuticals.

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Dr. Jayant N. Lokhande, M.D.(Botanical Drugs) : MBA - Biotechnology is an expert in Botanical Drugs & Biotechnology Business Management. He has successfully strategized and formulated products for several nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical food companies in the United States and other developed countries. He has significant clinical experience especially in using Botanical Drugs and Medical Foods for Complex and Chronic Diseases. His other professional interests are in Biodiversity Entrepreneurship, Bio prospecting, Medical Anthropology, and Disease Reversal Therapeutics. He is currently working as Chief Scientific Officer and Management Analyst in Indus Extracts in US and his responsibilities include Business Analysis, Product and Technical Market Development.

Yashwant Pathak, PhD, is currently the associate dean for faculty affairs at the newly launched College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. Pathak earned his MS and PhD degrees in pharmaceutical technology from Nagpur University, Nagpur, India, and EMBA and MS degrees in conflict management from Sullivan University, Louisville, Kentucky. With extensive experience in academia and industry, Pathak has over 120 publications, research papers, abstracts, book chapters, and reviews to his credit. He has presented over 150 presentations, posters, and lectures worldwide in the field of pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, and other related topics. He has also coedited six books on nanotechnology and drug delivery systems, two books on nutraceuticals, and several books on cultural studies. Pathak is the holder of two patents. He has travelled extensively to over 75 countries and is actively involved with many pharmacy colleges in different countries.