1st Edition

Phytochemicals in Soybeans Bioactivity and Health Benefits

Edited By Yang Li, Baokun Qi Copyright 2022
    538 Pages 65 Color & 29 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    538 Pages 65 Color & 29 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Soybeans represent an excellent source of high-quality protein with a low content in saturated fat. They can be made into various foods, such as tofu, miso, breakfast cereals, energy bars, and soy cakes. Much research has been carried out on the positive health effects of soybeans, and increasing evidence shows that consumption of soybeans may reduce the risk of osteoporosis, have a beneficial role in chronic renal disease, lower plasma cholesterol, and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.

    Phytochemicals in Soybeans: Bioactivity and Health Benefits describes in detail the chemical characteristics of health-promoting components of soybeans and soybean products, their impacts on human health, and emerging technologies about soybean processing and new products. With 22 chapters containing the most recent information associated with soybean products, topics of the chapters include soybeans’ role in human nutrition and health, their composition and physicochemical properties, action mechanism of their physiologic function, processing engineering technology, food safety, and quality control.

    Key Features:

    • Promotes soybean products as functional food with advanced processing technology
    • Presents the basic research containing the experimental design, methods used, and a detailed description of the results.
    • Provides a systematic approach to the subject to facilitate a better comprehension of the subjects with illustrations and diagrams
    • Includes a comprehensive and up-to-date list of references

    With contributions from authors around the world who are experts in their field, this book contains new information on the health impacts of soybean consumption, new product development, and alternative technologies of soybean processing, and will be useful for professors and researchers, as well as graduate and undergraduate students alike.

    Series Editor Preface

    Editors’ Preface

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    1) Health perspectives of soy isoflavones

    2) Soybean isoflavone profile: A new quality index in food application and health

    3) Bioactive peptides from soybeans and by-products.

    4) Antioxidant activity and health benefits of anthocyanins of black soybeans

    5) Soybean oil, chemical properties and benefits for health

    6) Polyamines in soybean food potential benefit for the elderly

    7) Soybean Glyceollins and Human Health

    8) Soybean Allergen

    9) Isolation, Bioactivity, Identification and Commercial Application of Soybean Bioactive Peptides

    10) Revisiting side streams of soy product processing

    11) Okara: A Soybean By-Product with Interesting Properties in Nutrition and Health.

    12) Polysaccharides from Soybean Hulls and Functional Activities

    13) Effects of novel processing methods on structure, functional properties and health benefits of soy protein

    14) Fermentation of Soybeans – Technology, Nutritional Properties and Effects

    15) Soybean Processing By-Products and Potential Health Benefits

    16) Korean traditional fermented soybean foods and their functionalities.

    17) Traditional Chinese Fermented Soybean Products and their Physiological Function

    18) Value-Added Processing of Okara and Development of New Health-Promoting Foods

    19) The influence of drying on isoflavones in soybean

    20) Soybean derived bioactive peptides and their health benefits

    21) Fatty Acid Composition in the Soybean Sprout

    22) Peptides derived from high oleic acid soybean and health benefits 


    Yang Li professor and doctoral supervisor of college of food science, Northeast Agricultural University, and young top-notch talent of Ten Thousand Talent Program, post-doctoral of National Soybean Engineering Technology Research Center, director of Food Branch of China Grain and Oil Society and Natural Product Engineering Society of Heilongjiang Province, winner of Heilongjiang Youth May Fourth Prize, Member of China Youth Science and Technology Association, Vice President of Heilongjiang Youth Technology Association, member of IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) and reviewer of many famous periodicals and magazines at home and abroad at the same time. He was awarded the honorary titles of "Distinguished Scholar", "academic backbone", "Young Talent", "Youth May 4th Medal" and "Pioneer of Scientific Research" by Northeastern Agricultural University. Since 2004, he has engaged in the research work of cereals, oil and vegetable protein. He has published more than 200 papers, including SCI retrieval papers, 28 papers by first author/correspondence author; an ESI paper as the corresponding author named "Effects of ultrasound on the structure and physical properties of black bean protein isolates", which was cited multiple times at the top 1% of the excellent paper of the same publication year in the academic field of Agricultural Sciences, 110 EI retrieval papers, among which 45 by first author/correspondence author, 138 core retrieval papers, among which 56 by first author/correspondence author, teaching reform of the 13; published 8 books, including 1 monograph (alone), 3 by chief editors; 48 authorized patents have been obtained, among which 43 national invention patents (the first inventor of 16, the second inventor of 24), one application for international patent, 11 patents for the invention of technology transfer.

     Baokun Qi is an associate professor of college of food science, Northeast Agricultural University. Since 2013, he has presided seven national projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in 8 national projects and 6 provincial projects; published 34 papers by first and correspondent authors, including 10 SCI retrieval papers and 16 EI retrieval papers; participated in writing 3 teaching materials by chief editors; 43 authorized patents have been obtained, including 11 patents for the invention of technology transfer. He has received 7 awards including the second prize of Science and Technology Progress in Heilongjiang Province, the first prize of the "Inventive Achievement Award" of the China Invention Association, the first prize of Heilongjiang Agricultural Science and Technology, the third prize of Shen Nong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Technology Invention of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology (rank second) and obtained 2 result identifications. In November 2015, Heilongjiang Assy Food Technology Co., Ltd. was founded during the period of my doctor studies. The company focused on providing technical consulting, technical services, transformation of results, food production and sales, etc. In 2016, he was hired as the entrepreneurial supervisor of Northeast Agricultural University. In 2018, he won the Gold Medal of the 4th Heilongjiang Province Internet + College Entrepreneurship Competition and the National Silver Award (ranked 1st).