Publishing Open Access Books: Submission and Content Guidelines for Authors

Q. How do I publish my research via Taylor & Books Open Access?
In the first instance, please contact the appropriate editor and let them know details of your proposal and that it is your intention to publish this via Taylor & Francis Books Open Access.

General proposal submission information can be found on our Author pages 

Authors also have the option to publish in various book formats. For more information, please contact the applicable subject editor. To browse the books formats available, take a look at our Publishing Guidelines and Documents page

For general queries, please contact the Open Access Team

Q. After I contact the appropriate editor, what happens next?
Your proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor and then sent out for peer review to at least two referees. Assuming that there is a positive outcome to the refereeing process, you will be issued with a contract specifically designed for open access publications. When the final manuscript is submitted and accepted by the Publisher, you will be expected to pay the publication charges. Your manuscript will then go through the normal Taylor & Francis production process and be published OA approximately five months later. Your publication will feature in the appropriate Taylor & Francis subject catalogues and other relevant marketing material.

Q. Can I use third party material where permission may be required?
We do allow the use of third party materials requiring permissions in our OA books and chapters. As with a traditionally published book it is the responsibility of the author to clear permissions for reuse in an OA book. Need help? Take a look at our Author Publishing Guidelines which will guide you through the permissions process.

Q. I have an existing book contract with Taylor & Francis. Can I change this to publish the book open access?
You would need to contact your editor at Taylor & Francis to discuss this but this should not be a problem if you have the necessary funding.

Q. I have published a book with Taylor & Francis. Can I now publish the book open access?
We have converted some of our older backlist titles to Open Access as part of the Taylor & Francis Books Open Archive project. We would also consider converting a published book to Open Access for a suitable fee. Please contact your editor for more details.