Publishing Open Access Books: Publishing Suitability & Formats

Q. What types of book projects will you publish as part of Taylor & Francis Books Open Access?
Our Open Access Books program is flexible to author needs, we publish both OA chapters and books across STEM, Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Books can be single-authored or have multiple authors and we offer a range of text types, from monographs to conference proceedings, textbooks to short form titles (titles between 25-50k words).To get a better understanding of where your book will fit, read our text type descriptions and download their proposal guidelines. If you are unsure where your book fits, contact an Editor.

Like our traditional publishing, the open access book proposal will be evaluated initially by the subject editor then peer-reviewed by respected academic specialists who provide independent advice on the content, quality, and potential market for a finished book. If peer reviews are positive, the subject editor will take the book proposal to an internal editorial meeting for consideration.

Q. Can individual chapters be published open access?
Yes, we offer two options for authors or contributors to make individual book chapters available open access. Whilst there are many different definitions of open access, these options correspond to what is normally referred to as ‘gold’ or ‘green’ open access. To learn more about our open access chapters and options available take a look at our OA chapters page

Q. In what formats will a Taylor & Francis Open Access Books book be published?
Upon publication, your monograph will be freely and immediately available online on the Taylor & Francis eBooks platform and clearly identified as ‘open access’. Readers will be able to read online or download a DRM-free PDF.

Taylor & Francis Books Open Access eBooks may be included in our e-collections but customers will not be charged for them.
A print version of the book will be made available for customers still wanting to purchase a hard copy of the book. Authors may be entitled to royalties on any print sales of the book.