1st Edition

Emerging Techniques for Food Processing and Preservation

    296 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The demand for safe and healthy foods by consumers has increased the interest in developing new food processing techniques over the past decades. Emerging technologies and techniques are not just working to increase the shelf life of food but are also functioning to maintain the same quality of the food that makes it desirable in the first place.

    Emerging Techniques for Food Processing and Preservation is an essential guide for professionals and researchers in the food industry who seek to stay updated on the latest advancements in food processing and preservation techniques. This comprehensive book explores cutting-edge technologies that can enhance the quality and safety of food products while also improving their shelf life.

    With contributions from leading experts in the field, this book covers a wide range of topics, including Electrodialysis, Refractance Window Technology, Cold Plasma, Bio Speckle Laser Technique, Nanofluids, and many others. Each chapter includes detailed explanations of the principles behind these emerging techniques, as well as case studies that demonstrate their practical applications.

    In this book, readers will gain insights into the principles behind these emerging techniques, their advantages and limitations, and the practical applications in various food products. Whether you are a food scientist, engineer, or a food industry professional, this book will help you stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of food processing and preservation.

    Chapter 1       Introduction to Emerging Technologies in Food Processing Sector

    Swati Kapoor, Muskaan Gupta, Sudha Rana, Gurkirat Kaur, and B. N. Dar


    Chapter 2       Electrodialysis: A Novel Technology in The Food Industry

    Isha Dudeja Priyanka, Pooja Nikhanj, and Arashdeep Singh


    Chapter 3       Refractance Window Technology as a promising Drying Technique in Food Industry

    Kirti Jalgaonkar, Manoj Kumar Mahawar, and Srinivas Girijal


    Chapter 4       Ozone Technology in Food Disinfection

    Dolly Bhati, Arashdeep Singh, and Gurkirat Kaur


    Chapter 5       Bio-based Composites for Food Packaging

    L. Muthulakshmia, M. Shalinia, and R. Rajamb


    Chapter 6       Bio speckle laser Technique – A novel non-destructive approach for quality detection

    Randeep Kaura, Pooja Nikhanj, and Swati Kapoor


    Chapter 7       Cold plasma for decontamination of food

    Saadiya Naqash, H.R. Naik, Darakshan Majid, H.A.Makroo, and B.N.Dar


    Chapter 8       Biomimicry – An Approach to Food Product and Technology Innovation

    Rajan Sharma, Gurkirat Kaur, and Savita Sharma


    Chapter 9       Nanofluids in Thermal Processing of Foods

    Mehrajfatema Zafar Mulla, Reshma Bhatnagar, and Aakriti Kapoor


    Chapter 10     Nanobiosensors for Detection of Food Contaminants
    Prastuty Singh and Antima Gupta


    Dr. Swati Kapoor, M.Sc., PhD, is a Food Technologist at Punjab Horticultural Postharvest Technology Centre, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Currently, the scientist is involved in developing sustainable technologies from fruit and vegetable wastes, management of quality control laboratory for fresh and processed foods and shelf-life extension of fresh fruits and vegetables using edible coatings, low temperature, packaging etc.

    Dr. Gurkirat Kaur, M.Sc., PhD, is Scientist (Nanotechnology) working in Electron Microscopy and Nanoscience Laboratory, at Punjab Agricultural University. Gurkirat has experience in teaching and research in Food science and technology for the last 10 years. Dr Kaur’s responsibilities include scientific and technical leadership and development of advanced facile technologies for food processing and protection.

    Dr. Basharat Nabi Dar, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food Technology at the Islamic University of Science & Technology, Awantipora, JK, India. He is the recipient of the prestigious CV Raman Fellowship and UGC Research Award in the field of Agricultural sciences by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, GOI.  He is a graduate of Agricultural Sciences. He has published more than 100 research and review papers in his field in various prestigious national and international journals and presented papers in many conferences. The main focus of his research is on agricultural by-products, traditional foods and unexplored food resources.

    Prof. Savita Sharma, is a Principal Scientist (Dough Rheologist) working in the Department of Food Science and Technology, at Punjab Agricultural University. She has been actively involved in teaching and research for more than 35 years. Her research mainly focuses on the potential utilization and value addition of cereal products, Functionality enhancement of pasta, Processing and Utilization of cereal brans, non-conventional legumes and novel grains. She has guided 30 M.Sc. students and 12 PhD research scholars. Prof Savita Sharma has published more than 100 research papers in reputed national and international journals and also edited and authored books in Food Science and Technology.