1st Edition

Handbook on Spray Drying Applications for Food Industries

Edited By M. Selvamuthukumaran Copyright 2020
    362 Pages 29 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Spray drying is a mechanical process by which materials in liquid form can be converted into solid form such as powders. It is a rapid, continuous, cost-effective, reproducible and scalable process for producing dry powders from a fluid material by atomization through an atomizer into a hot drying gas medium, usually air. The Handbook on Spray Drying Applications for Food Industries deals with recent techniques adopted in spray drying systems for drying a vast array of food products, novel and emerging tools used for spray drying of antioxidant rich products, optimized conditions used for extraction and production of herbal powders by using spray drying techniques, and problems encountered during spray drying of acid and sugar rich foods and also various herbal powders.

    The book discusses the encapsulation of flavors by using the spray drying process providing a comparison with other encapsulation techniques. It reviews the retention of bioactive compounds and the effect of different parameters on bioactive compounds during spray drying of juice. Moreover, the book explains the effect of novel approaches of spray drying on nutrients.

    The book addresses strategies adopted for retention of nutrients and survival of probiotic bacteria during spray drying processing. It also identifies packaging material needed for enhanced product stability. The safety and quality aspects of manufacturing spray dried food products are discussed.

    Key Features:

    • Describes the design of high performance spray drying systems
    • Highlights the strategy adopted for maximizing the yield potential of various spray dried food products
    • Discusses strategies adopted for retention of nutrients and survival of probiotic bacteria during spray drying process
    • Contains charts, procedure flow sheets, tables, figures, photos, and a list of spray drying equipment suppliers

    This book will benefit entrepreneurs, food scientists, academicians and students by providing in-depth knowledge about spray drying of foods for quality retention and also for efficient consumer acceptability of finished products.

    Introduction to Spray Drying. Technical Advancement in Design of Spray Dryer for Plants. Standardization of Spray Dryer Design for Different Products. Spray Drying of Acid and Sugar Rich Foods. Spray Drying of Dairy and Cereal Foods. Spray Drying of Infant Foods. Spray Drying of Antioxidant Rich Foods. Spray Drying of Nutraceuticals. Spray Drying for Production of Food Colors from Natural Sources. Encapsulation of Flavors by Spray Drying Techniques. Technical Advancement for Retention of Nutrients During Spray Drying Process. Technical Advancement for Retention of Probiotic Count During Spray Drying Process. Recent Techniques for Packing and Storage of Spray Dried Food Products. Quality and Safety Aspects of Spray Dried Foods. Commercial Feasibility Analysis of Spray Dried Food Products. List of Spray Drying Equipment Suppliers & Manufacturers.


    M. Selvamuthukumaran, PhD, is Associate Professor, School of Food Science & Post Harvest Technology, Institute of Technology, Haramaya University, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. He earned his PhD in Food Science from the University of Mysore, and his master’s in Food Science & Technology from the Jawaharlal Nehru Agricultural University. His areas of research include antioxidant rich functional foods, probiotic and prebiotic foods advanced food processing and preservation techniques.