Authors FAQs: Requesting a PDF of your own work

Q. How can I submit a request for a digital copy of a title in which I am a named author or co-author?

The way our authors should submit requests for digital content will vary, depending on the request type. However, for all digital content requests on this page:

  • You may only receive a copy of the material you are accredited to having authored and/or edited.
  • You may not submit a request on behalf of someone else.
  • You may only make requests for book content.
  • Journal content requests are not covered by these workflows.
  • You should not submit a request pertaining to our ‘Green’ or ‘Gold’ Open Access Models. Further information for any requests/questions for uploading published content to institution repositories, academic social networks, or paying to make research-level chapters freely available online, can be found here.

Get in touch with your assigned Editorial contact if you require a copy of your own published work for any of the following reasons:

  • Private personal use / referencing in your academic work.
  • To fulfill obligations laid out in your contract.
  • To receive an electronic gratis copy / a digital copy in substitution of an unavailable gratis copy.
  • An application for an industry award.

Complete and submit a PDF License Agreement (PLA) if you require a PDF of your own published work for any of the following reasons:

• Imminent tenure/promotion/job application.
• Institutional review/proof of funding.
• Research assessment evaluation.
• Government audit.

Only requests made using the PLA form via the above link will be considered to be valid and processed by the Academic Tenure Requests Inbox. If you have any difficulties submitting a valid request, please contact the inbox at [email protected]

The Academic Tenure Request team will use the PLA to process your request and supply your PDF as an email attachment. If the PDF is larger than 10MB your file will be supplied via T&F's online file transfer service, ZendTo, which will send a collection link to your inbox. Please note, that all PDFs supplied will contain an unobtrusive watermark at the top of the page.

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we aim to process and distribute files within 1-2 weeks of receipt. If your request is urgent, please follow up on your form submission with an email to the inbox to alert us to the urgency and we will do our very best to expedite it.

Visit the Permissions for Books & Journals Page for information on how to submit your request if you or a 3rd party would like to use your work or a portion of your work for any of the following reasons:

  • Any commercial use.
  • As an internal teaching resource.
  • Uploading to any open online platform or website, including but not limited to social media, a personal website, a faculty website, or a company or organization’s website.
  • Distribution in any format not covered by the uses listed above.

*1 If scanned or photo-copied content will suffice, your university/institution librarian will be able to source and reproduce the content, specifically for teaching purposes, from a collective licensing agency.

For more information, please contact the appropriate agency:
United Kingdom (CLA):
United States (CCC):
Australia (CAL):
Singapore (CLASS):