Author FAQs: Production

The book production process can seem a bit confusing if you’re new to publishing. Even if you’ve worked with us or other publishers previously, the industry is continually evolving and different companies operate in slightly different ways. This video will take you through the production process at Taylor & Francis, so you know exactly what to expect at each stage.

Q. How long will it take to print my book, and how many copies are you printing?

This depends on the size of the book, but four to six weeks is the typical time it takes to print after the manuscript has gone through. Don’t judge a book on the number of copies in the first print run. That is the old way of publishing. Nowadays we can print quickly and efficiently, so we do not have to fill up warehouses with hundreds or thousands of copies. We print carefully and purposefully for space and cost-efficiency.

Q. Will my book be available in both print and electronic formats?

We publish almost all our books in electronic format simultaneous with the print version. Amazon Kindle and VitalSource are among the many electronic formats. We also include your reference, monograph, handbook, or professional text on, our platform for academic, public, and corporate library eBooks collections. As an author, you will be entitled to an eBook copy of your publication. Visit our Electronic Publishing FAQ page for more information.

When publishing gold open access, the electronic version of your work is freely available online. A print version of your title will also be produced and be available for sale.

Q. Is the production process for Open Access different?

No. Your manuscript will go through the normal Taylor & Francis production process and be published OA approximately five months later. Your publication will feature in the appropriate Open Access Taylor & Francis subject catalog.

Q. How can I contact the Taylor & Francis production team about my book?

Once your book is in production, you will be assigned a production contact who will be able to answer any production questions. 

Q. Do readers really judge a book by its cover?

An attention-grabbing cover design is certainly one way to catch the eye of a potential reader. Most importantly, a well-chosen image can convey the topic and set the tone of your book at a glance. If your book is having a designed cover, your editor may ask you to provide an appropriate image and your color preference. Once the final cover design is approved, it is immediately posted.