Author FAQs: Author Sales

Corporate and Institutional Sales (CIS) Team

The Corporate and Institutional Sales (CIS) team is based in the UK, US, Asia, India, and Australia and is tasked with supporting authors, enterprises, governments, and not-for-profit organizations who are looking to utilize our content.

We are a dedicated, author-facing sales team who manage all requirements, great and small, simple or complex, helping you to connect your book(s) to your network. Learn more about some of the common sales scenarios we deal with in the below FAQ.

Q. I need copies for an event teaching course to send to colleagues, collaborators, customers, etc. How can I buy my books and how long does the process take?

Get us involved early and we can advise on the most suitable re-print, payment, and delivery options for you. Please note that we don’t hold large quantities of books in stock. Instead we produce books on demand using the best printers. We therefore recommend that you provide at least 28 days notice so we can make sure your books are ready when you need them, and at a cost-effective price. 

Q. How do I pay and do I have to pay in advance?

Payment can be taken in advance via credit card or bank transfer. We also offer credit terms: order now, pay later

Q. The books are being paid for by another party. How will this work?

We provide all necessary invoicing and documentation to make this as simple as possible and can provide the information larger corporates and governments need to set up T&F as a supplier. We can provide credit for some organizations too.

VAT and GST can be a consideration in some countries we deliver to, and we offer advice and support for this.

Q. Do I receive an Author discount and can I provide my network with a discount?

T&F authors receive a discount to purchase their own works, plus the entire T&F catalog. If you are purchasing in volume it may be possible to increase the discount as we can pass on the cheaper print and fulfillment costs we achieve through scale. Let us know what you need and we will provide a proposal.

Where appropriate we are also able to provide an author discount to organizations and associations you are working with. 

Q. Who is supplying my order?

T&F employs distributors in the UK, US, Singapore, and Australia to store and distribute our books. However in most cases orders are sent to printers who will organise the printing and fulfilment. Please get in touch using the details below for more information. 

Q. Do you charge for shipping?

Books can be expensive to ship but we use our scale to minimize cost. Shipping is often free within the countries where we have distribution hubs and printers, and where not, they are charged at cost.

Please be aware that some countries levy importation taxes or customs duties (as opposed to VAT or GST which we can collect). Regrettably, we are unable to anticipate or pay for these, and you will be liable for any charges that are incurred.

Q. Can I return unsold books?

We will try to accommodate returns but due to some formats being difficult to process, we assess this on an order-by-order basis. If returns are agreed, books must be returned ‘as new’. Shipping is at your own expense and we insist that you place a copy of the invoice in the parcel to ensure your account is credited.

Q. Can I use my royalties to pay for the books?

This is currently not possible.

Q. How would I go about purchasing eBooks?

You can either purchase eBooks from or email us using the contact details below to order. All our e|Books are hosted on VitalSource. VicalSource eBook tokens will be issued to you or for your organization to redeem on the VitalSource Bookshelf app. 

Q. What is a web discount code and how can I use it?

Web discount codes can be used on our website to provide a discounted price for your wider network. Let us know what you want to achieve and we can provide a flyer for the book and/or arrange a discount code for a given period of time. This can be used to generate sales at events where participants cannot purchase your book or promote the book via your social media activity.

Q. I want to set up a launch event and my local bookstore is interested in hosting it.

Bookstores usually have terms with T&F. Share the details with us and we will refer this to the trade team to make arrangements. Unfortunately, we don't have the resource to attend every book launch. 

Q. An event organizer/my employer has expressed an interest in using copies of my book.

You can either help us to manage the discussion or simply introduce us to your contact. There are a number of options (including customization – see below) for putting your book in a wider range of hands. This may be particularly relevant if you are a Keynote speaker or if your book can be used by your employer for training, stakeholder engagement, lobbying, or brand building.

Q. What about gratis copies?

Editorial issue all the contractually agreed gratis copies. CIS can provide inspection copies (typically eBooks) to larger prospects if we agree this could be worthwhile.

Q. I am a contributor to a book. Can you help me?

Contributors receive all the benefits and support described above and below.

Q. What is customization and can you sell chapters?

Associations, corporates, and consultants value using books for conferences and events, for training, stakeholder engagement, lobbying, and brand building (and often all of these combined). 

  • We can create a new cover by adding a logo or changing the image or title.
  • We can insert new content such as a foreword.
  • We can extract one or more chapters to make a low-cost product for wider distribution.
  • We can do all of this in print and eBook formats

Q. Can you send my book to multiple parties? 

Yes, we can send your book to multiple recipients/addresses. Please get in touch with us to discuss the options. 

Q. Digital platforms

If you or your organization could benefit from access to your title(s) on a digital subscription basis, we can provide options. 

Q. I know someone who would like to review my book. How can they request a review copy? 

Please ask them to complete our online request form.
Reviewers are asked to share the published review with us so that any positive quotes can be added to our database. In turn, the quote is fed to your book's webpage on, Amazon, and other online booksellers, as well as used in marketing campaigns. 

Q. I haven't received my royalty payment or statement. How can I follow up?

Please email our royalties team: [email protected]

We Can Do More

In addition to working with authors, the CIS team actively manages a range of accounts and approaches prospective customers in the course of supplying books and eBooks to enterprises, governments, and not-for-profit organizations. Some examples:

  • Supporting co-publishing partners by arranging invoicing, print, and global supply. This often includes intergovernmental organizations, associations, and membership bodies
  • Engaging with specialist resellers: both commercial and membership organizations who are not book shops in the traditional sense, but who nevertheless promote and supply books to particular markets and interest groups in addition to selling a range of products and services
  • Supplying organizations who carry out training ranging from professional colleges to businesses employed to deliver specialist accreditation, companies engaged in CPD delivery to schools or the training for the Health Service, Charity workers, etc.
  • Delivering single titles in volume or libraries to a wide range of corporations looking to develop professional knowledge and skills or solve strategic problems
  • Working with consultants who are developing solutions for their clients
  • Supplying corporations who use our books to increase their brand equity in their market