Author FAQs: Royalties

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  • How to update my personal details.
  • I have not received payment – What should I do?, or how do I read my statement.
  • VAT and TAX requirements.
  • Who to contact regarding deceased estate management.

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What compensation do book authors and editors receive? 

We offer a standard royalty on sales of your book. That means a percentage of our net income on each book sold, whether that be a print book at full price, a discounted copy via Amazon, or an eBook. We also offer gratis copies of the print and eBook on publication and, as a Taylor & Francis author, you will receive a significant discount on titles from our entire books portfolio.

Open access authors will receive royalties on all print copies sold.


Where can I get information about my book's sales or royalties statements? 

If a royalty payment is due, and we hold an email contact for you, you will receive royalty statements on the schedule that were determined in your contract.


I haven't received a royalty statement - what should I do?

Please check your contract schedule to know when you are due to receive a statement. If you haven't heard from us according to that schedule, then please contact us so we can confirm we have your contact details correctly listed. 


When will I get paid?

A royalty payment will be made to you if the amount due is above the minimum payment level on your royalty account at the time of your scheduled royalty statement. If not, the amount due will be carried forward to the following statement. If you believe you are due a payment but have not received it, please check with us to ensure we have your current payment information. 


What banking information do I need to supply?

Where possible we prefer to pay your royalty by electronic bank transfer. This ensures a more secure and expedited receipt of payment. To switch from check payment to a bank transfer, or to change your nominated bank account, please contact us and we will send you the necessary paperwork for completion and signature. 

In order to make a payment, we must hold certain details from you, which must be kept up-to-date. For checks, we need your current address details; for account transfers, we need a signed copy of your bank account details. For authors contracted with our US entity we also require the relevant withholding tax forms (see also Why do I need to complete a W8 or W9 tax form?).

Signatures are collected electronically using a secure DocuSign process.


How does tax affect my royalty payment? 

Authors should seek advice from their local tax authority or from a registered tax advisor regarding the tax treatment of their royalty income, which will vary according to location and personal circumstance.


Why do I need to complete a W8 or W9 tax form?

For authors of books contracted with our US entity, the US Department of Treasury regulation requires a completed W8 or W9 form for all payees so that the proper withholding tax is assessed. 

For US payees no tax is withheld, provided a completed and signed W9 has been received.

For foreign payees, a W8 form is required to assess the proper withholding, based on the tax treaty. If you are completing the W8 form you will need your FTIN (Foreign tax identification) number. The FTIN is the number issued to you by the government of the country of your residency, most typically for identification or tax purposes.