Author FAQs: Manuscripts

Q. How should I format my manuscript and files?

Please review the "Manuscript preparation guide" on the Publishing Guidelines page of this website or speak with your acquiring editor.

Q. Whom should I contact to submit a book manuscript for publication?

Please contact the appropriate acquiring editor for your subject area. For Open Access books, please email [email protected].

If your work is open access, our specialist Open Access Books team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Q. Who do I ask about editorial style or copyediting issues?

All of our books are professionally copyedited. For questions about style prior to the final manuscript handover, talk to your Editorial Assistant. Once your manuscript is being copyedited, talk to your main production contact.

Q. Who do I talk to about my book cover design?

When you are preparing your manuscript submission, your Editor will also discuss jacket cover images with you, as well as finalize the back cover copy, any endorsements from peers or reviewers that you’d like to include on the book, and the creative commons license if your work includes any open access content. All titles that include open access content will also have the open access logo on the book cover.

Q. Can I have art in my book? Who should I contact for questions about artwork?

Our editors work closely with the production team to ensure your book's design is appropriate for the audience and looks the best it can. Many of our books have art – figures, tables, and images – but the amount of art and presentation depends on your specific book. This is something you should discuss with your editor at the proposal stage. While preparing your manuscript, for questions about file quality and delivery, placement in manuscript, and so on, contact your Editorial Assistant.

Q. Is obtaining permission to reuse text or artwork really that important?

Yes, it is. Source lines and permission usage and grants are crucial. You can obtain permissions very easily now by logging your requests for reuse at Recognizing the original author and source of your reproduced figure or text is not only necessary but the right thing to do morally. If you request permission to reuse text or figures as you go along with your writing, you will have everything in order by the time your work is finished. You can read more about what requires permission and how to obtain it on our Rights and Permissions page.

For open-access projects, ensure that you have the correct permissions in place for text and artwork for the creative commons license you would like your open-access work to be covered by.

Q. Who should I ask if I have questions about permissions?

Your Editorial Assistant can give you information on the permissions process and how and when to secure permissions for text or artwork in your book. 

Q. What about citation indexing for my contributors and their chapters?

We work with many different citation indexers, including:

  • Thomson Reuters/Web of Science/Book Citation Index
  • Proquest/Summons/Serial Solutions
  • OCLC/KnowledgeBase
  • OCLC/WorldCat
  • CAS
  • Ex Libris/Primo
  • Google Scholar
  • China National Knowledge Network

Q. What if I want a technical review of my chapters as I’m writing?

We strongly encourage this. We want you to submit the best manuscript possible, so do discuss the review plan with your acquiring Editor to allow time to be built in for this. There are factors to consider for publishing your book at a certain time, such as conference attendance, speaking engagements, bulk purchase, and textbook adoption. Providing your readers with an accurate date they can expect to receive your published book is crucial, so discuss with your acquiring editor the expectations for surveys, reviews, rewrites, classroom testing, and the due date of ancillaries like PowerPoint® slides, website downloads, solutions, and laboratory manuals – all of which are necessary to have available upon publication.

Q. Will Taylor & Francis copy-edit my manuscript? What if I am not a native English speaker?

Yes, if we are formatting your manuscript, we will copy and edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and consistency. We welcome book authors and contributors from all around the globe, so if English is not your native language, that's not a problem. If you are preparing a camera-ready manuscript, we provide a proofread. We are very willing to provide a copy edit of your camera-ready manuscript as well, so please discuss this with your acquiring editor.

Q. My manuscript is finished, but I may not have followed your guidelines. Do I really have to reformat everything?

Probably not. Your acquiring editor will look everything over and will try to be as accommodating as possible.

Q. What should I do if my writing schedule has been delayed or otherwise changed?

It is very important to keep your editor apprised of progress on your manuscript, especially if you have delays or expect your schedule to change.