Author FAQs: Contracts

Q. When will I receive my contract and what will it include?

Once you have received the good news that your proposal has been accepted by Taylor & Francis, your Editor will send a draft contract agreement for you to review. Key details to look at will include copyright, length, royalties, and agreed delivery date for your manuscript. If there are any details of the contract that you’d like to discuss, your Editor will be available to discuss the terms and come to a final agreement that suits you best.

All Taylor & Francis standard contracts include an acknowledgment to open access which can be used as proof when applying for funding for open access projects. Your Editor will also be able to add an open access addendum to your contract if you would like to convert your full title or chapter to open access after your contract has been signed.

Your contract will then be sent over for you to sign electronically. Once this is complete, an ISBN will be generated for your book and it will be officially logged on our system and marked as being in pre-production.

Q. What compensation do book authors and editors receive?

We offer a standard royalty on sales of your book: a percentage of our net income on each book sold, whether a print book at full price, a discounted copy via Amazon or an eBook. We also offer gratis copies of the print and eBook on publication and, as a Taylor & Francis author, you will receive a significant discount on titles from our entire book portfolio, across subject areas.

Open access authors will receive royalties on all print copies sold.

Q. Do contributors who write a chapter for my edited book need to sign a contract?

Yes, they do. Each individual contributing work to the publication must sign a contributor agreement and a permission verification form indicating that the work is his/her own or that permission has been sought to use the work, and that he/she agrees to allow us to publish the work.

Q. Whom do I contact if I have questions about my contract?

Your acquiring editor will discuss the terms of your contract with you and will be able to answer any questions you might have.